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05/15/2018  | 67 MINUTES

This week’s guests: Steph Shoell – A marketing coordinator and podcasting host of Notable Peeps and Utah Fan Club. Ben and Lib met Steph on a Rocky Point, Mexico trip where things started off a bit rocky, but by the end were on-point, bonding over podcasting and being ticked individuals. She is driven to accomplish things that seem impossible like marathons, creating a podcast and even water skiing!


E63: Stoppage Time, Hamilton

05/08/2018  |  73 MINUTES

This week’s guests: Lib, Dalton, and Ben – we take a break from our regular routine and debrief about the musical phenomenon, Hamilton. The touring cast recently closed in Salt Lake City and the city’s all abuzz. Dalton and Ben talk our ticks and ticks offs (We’re Hamilton’s with Pride and cannot let it slide). Lib steps in to help us avoid nerding out too much, and to provide the outsider insight for one learning about #ham for the first time.


E62: Shannon Vistisen, Littlest Sidekick Outfitters

05/01/2018  | 41 Minutes

Shannon Vistisen – a mom, graphic designer, and freelancer (including non-profit work) who’s starting her own outdoor apparel company for kids. She’s driven. Driven to see results and investing in the process to make those results happen. Step aside complainers, Shannon’s creating a thread trail of success we could all get behind.