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E47: Stoppage Time, Never Stop Starting

01/09/2018  |  43 Minutes

And we’re back! Welcome to season 2! Ben and Lib take a break from the standard template, sip on their Maverik drinks, and talk about our ticks and tick offs for the coming year. 2018 is going to offer amazing athletic feats, and out-of-country events that will have all single (and married) girls swooning. It’s being dubbed as “The Year of Women,” so let’s raise a Maverik Coke, and take 2018 by storm! Never Stop Starting, and Stay Ticked.

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E46: Stoppage Time, Season 1 Finale

12/12/2017  |  1 Hour 3 Minutes

The Season 1 Finale of the Ticked Podcast is here! After one year of awesome interviews, Ben and Lib record one last Stoppage Time episode. There is a big announcement - could this be the last Ticked episode? They cover ticks and tick offs of podcasts, play a trivia game created by a special guest and look into the future of the podcast. Don't forget...tell all your friends!


E45: Megan Langford, Unsafe & Uncomfortable

12/05/2017  |  47 Minutes

Megan Langford – Director of Partner Marketing for TEEM, mother, fitness instructor and donut lover. As she’s grown (personally & professionally), she’s learned to divert from the safe and comfortable path to find her own greatness! She struggles with “imposter syndrome” but loves helping others  overcome it. And side note, make sure you don’t deflect her questions!