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Episode 102


The Road Ahead

Show Notes

01/22/2019 | 43 Minutes

This week’s guest: Ticked Hosts – We kick off season three with a stoppage time episode where Lib gives us the update we’ve all been hanging on for, and we talk about the road ahead. We look back on that fateful day at Este Pizzeria when Lib told us he was leaving the podcast in pursuit of developing other passions. And we talk about our ticks and tick offs around the theme: What’s the ONE THING you learned about yourself in 2018 and how are you using that in 2019?

Lib's ONE THING: He's a ticked person, a potential entrepreneur, and he needed to start that path.

  • He’s a man of balance, and his desire to take on new ambitions in life requires him to give up something he loves for something he desires more.

  • Our passionate tick-offs episode made him realize there’s a lot of things he should start doing now to further his career and cement his place to eventually own a business.

  • Tick-offs around this were that he was reminded of this every time we recorded. This itch that he had.

  • It’s ticking him off that he has to give this up to make room for more. And that he held on to this inner-struggle for several months to make sure he was certain.

Dalton's ONE THING: After a major re-work process he led professionally, he weathered the ambiguity by compiling data and forming conclusions. 

  • Making data-driven decisions. 

  • Dalton’s money-making question: In order for you to feel comfortable making a move to this company what kind of compensation would you be looking to earn?

  • It’s been a tick for him because he’s been able to use all of the notes he’s taken while conducting interviews to draw up data points to his research. And a decision derived from data just sounds so much more concrete. 

  • But he’s got a tick off, or an insecurity, around numbers and data. It’s a hard skill he doesn’t necessarily have and felt intimidated by. 

  • He’s learning to go with your gut feeling that has been supported by lots of data. 

Ben's ONE THING: Although he thought he was working toward greater things, in reality he was more maintaining, or “coasting.” 

  • In the season 2 premiere we all shared our goals for 2018, and Ben thought he was working toward them and growing.

  • Then in the fall of 2018 he had several “wake-up calls” from work, from friends, from his circumstances that helped him realize his complacency.

  • We can all fall into this trap where we tell ourselves we’re doing great but on the inside we don’t feel like we’re performing at our greatest. 

  • So he’s going to separate out the things he can control and the things he can’t control. Focus on the small things and leave the muck out of his mind.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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