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Episode 103


Foreign Figures (2 of 4)

Show Notes

01/29/2019 | 62 Minutes

This week’s guest: Jonny T, member of the band, Foreign Figures. Originally from Utah, Jonny with no “H” graduated with a degree in Audio Engineering and provides much of the recording and mixing genius that pipes out of your car speakers. After a famed childhood career in piano that lasted a year, he considers the electric guitar his gateway instrument. We talk creation, hunger, early mornings, and moments that make Jonny tick!


  • Creation, and not always having to do with sound. For Jonny, creation is about a connection, a conversation, a smile, creating something that will impact someone else, in its most true form. Creating something that didn’t exist before, working with his hands. 

  • Spirituality, studying what existence means to him, what his purpose in life is, and discovering his bigger mission. Seeking more light, more understanding, more truth from an objective source. 

  • Being an objective seeker of light, truth, and understanding. He’s learned through experience that it stings a little bit when you’re wrong. And we tend to hide or shelter ourselves from that. Learning to value more the opinion of your brothers (band mates) than the opinion of yourself. 


  • Hunger, this one is crucial! He gets annoyingly hungry at the most inconvenient times when they’re performing, setting up, sound checking, tearing down…where’s the food? Where’s the roast beef shake? 

  • Lack of courtesy and consideration. It kind of boils down to when some people are so narrowly focused into their own headspace they no longer become relatable. 


  • Early mornings. The time of functionality for individuals falls within a spectrum. Jonny’s words. He’s a night owl, chasing an idea behind a song. A recent release of theirs, Dangerous, is the result from an all-nighter. 


  • Jonny is involved in the entire song-writing process for Foreign Figures. Generating the idea seed for a lyric, to writing, recording, editing and mixing, engineering. Achieving extremely good sound quality in his music is very important to him to deliver a user experience to each song. 

  • Seeing, feeling, and experiencing a genuine connection with people via a live show. 

  • Favorite song to perform live: Heart of Gold and Cold War

  • Favorite song to write or collaborate on: Cold War, but everyone has a piece of them in each song. Collaboration is key.

  • Favorite Venue to perform: At-home venue, Velour. Bigger chances: Vivint Smart Home Arena in SLC. 

  • Favorite concert moment or memory: Play each concert as if it were your last. There are tons of moments that occur each show, moments are important to the band mates. 



Episode transcript coming soon.

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