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Episode 105


Seek Identity

Show Notes

02/12/2019 | 61 Minutes

This week’s guest: Kate Hansen – Recruited at the ripe old age of 10 to compete in Luge competitions which took her to Sochi in 2014. #olympics. She retired at 21, enrolled in college, travels on her motorcycle, and is now pursuing a career in personal training and holistic medicine for athletes. Pepper in sports broadcasting and correspondence with Jimmy Kimmel, and you’ve got Kate.

We begin the interview talking Olympics, Luge training, and growing up with the sport. Kate was recruited when she was 10 in Los Angeles, then made the program when she was 11 and began dreaming of the Olympics at 18. Kate describes the perfect balance between the life we all think Olympic hopefuls lead, and the life she actually led. She didn’t come from a luge-family. She didn’t have the older siblings or parents that coached her. She lived apart from family during high school, visiting only for Christmas. She talks how there’s an entire career outside of a two-week broadcast on NBC. 

105 Kate Hansen Olympics.jpg

She also helped on a late night prank with Jimmy Kimmel while in Olympic Village, watch here. No, that’s not Jonah Hill. 


  • She’s competed in Germany, Austria, Canada, Japan, Norway, and Russia, and has visited Nepal, India, Croatia, Morocco, Patagonia, Bolivia, Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu. 

  • Traveling is the way for her to experience and learn. She’s learned her whole life by immersing herself in cultures. Keep in mind, she was pulled from high school and normalcy at age 15 to embrace luge full-time.

  • Living in the moment - not being tied to a schedule, sleeping wherever on these trips, taking a motorcycle ride through Canada by herself, with so many adventures along the way. Through this trip, she learned 2 things: 1) People live in fear and 2) The identity that you push forward about yourself. 

  • What are the identities that you align with? That you lead with? Her theme for 2019 is “Seek.” 

  • Documentaries and storytelling. Movies are great, but she’d rather learn something. She talks about her recent obsession, Man vs. Snake


  • People make her tick, and people tick her off. Or that they just frustrate her. Rude or inconsiderate people. Coaches that do things just to make her feel less than, that she’s the person being coached. Being treated less than. 


  • Working with women and women empowerment. She’s started personal training with women and holistic medicine – foot zoning, healing through your feet. Helping female athletes be more confident in their bodies and their abilities. 

  • She may not know how to do it, but she’ll figure it out. The Olympics taught her that anything is possible. You can do whatever you want to with practice and confidence. A girl who grew up in LA competed in the Winter Olympics. 

  • The faster you learn how to fail, the faster you are to succeed. 



Episode transcript coming soon.

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