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Episode 106


Growing Up

Show Notes

02/26/2019 | 66 Minutes

This week’s guest: Lib, Ben and Dalton – It’s a Stoppage Time episode where the hosts sit back, relax, and discuss a topic that has us ticking. When was a time in your life when you felt like you’d made it as an adult? When were you punched in the face with adult life? As you grow up, what are you holding onto from your younger years, what are you letting go, and what are you working toward? We go the rounds on health, finance, hobbies, purchases, and future outlooks. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” 

BECOMING AN ADULT – A time when we’ve felt like we either made it, or got punched in the face

  • Lib’s Made It – After months of research and product comparison, purchasing a Rowenta Steam Iron. Featuring 1800 watt, and over 400 steam holes, this thing is POWERFUL! 

  • Dalton’s Made It – The first time he saw a comma in his paycheck. And we’re not talking gross earnings, but net earnings. Take home pay. 

  • Ben’s Made It – While moving to Salt Lake after graduating college and seeing planes fly overhead in and out of the airport. He felt like he was entering the big time, moving from small college town to “the big city.” 

  • Ben’s Punch – Spending hard-earned money outside of “fun spending” and buying a washer and a dryer. Driving away from the Maytag store, he realized he was “adulting.” 

  • Dalton’s Punch – Ending his engagement. He had the most depressing to-do list, comprised of calling all groomsmen, canceling the venue, reconciling the ring expense, crying in the corner. Making choices and seeing those not work out. 

  • Lib’s Punch – Not a “Punch” but a “Wake Up Call” when he knew he was going to marry his wife. He had a little maturing to do through that process. 


  • Lib’s ticked that he’s getting a dad bod. 

  • Ben is more aware of his health, and how to treat his body now that he’s getting older.

  • Dad bod should be considered “grown man strength.” 

  • We’re all ticked off that there’s more doctor visits. How much is this going to cost me?

  • Dalton has bad toenails. 


  • How much is this going to cost? 

  • Setting up a 401K. Retirement, Life Insurance policies, and not understanding any of the verbiage when talking about these policies with brokers. 

  • When you’re younger you have more time and less money. When older, that switches to more money and less time. 

HOBBIES – Younger me never thought older me would be doing...

  • Lib – Skateboarding less, but still buying those shoes, and now the shoes last longer. 

  • Lib – High school Lib loved to crash parties, now he loves hosting parties. 

  • Dalton – Listening to Dashboard and Jimmy Eat World, and now finding more joy listening to musicals. 

  • Ben – Attending football and basketball games with his dad, to now having his own season tickets (still going with his dad). 

  • Ben – Changes in movie and television preferences. Going from watching Free Willey to watching Abducted in Plain Sight. 

PURCHASES – We buy what we want.

  • Dalton – Pilot Acroball pens. 

  • Ben – Laptops and other apple products. Ben loves his apple. 

  • Lib – Camera gear and video gear

  • We all like buying household appliances that make us feel adultish. 

  • Ben’s bad purchase of his life, the 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

  • Dalton’s bad purchase was paying for a car “boot” to be removed for a girl he was crushing on. 

  • Lib’s bad purchase of his life, the famed red scooter. 


  • We’re all looking forward to having a family, yes – that’s a common tick, but we had to mention it. 

  • Dalton is looking forward to mentoring his children. He’s going to be the cool dad. 

  • Lib is looking forward to having more financial freedom, and avoiding the idea of retirement. 

  • Ben is looking forward to that early bird discount in the long-term future, while nervous about loosing his scheduling freedom. 

  • Lib’s nervous about losing control of his bodily functions. “It’s gonna suck to be old.” 

  • Dalton’s nervous about being the handy man when he owns a home.

HOLDING ON – Something you’re holding on to while you grow older:

  • Dalton – Spontaneous time with friends.

  • Ben – Scheduling dinners with friends.

  • Lib – Staying a kid at heart. Allow time to joke around and have fun.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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