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Episode 107


Analyzing Amazon

Show Notes

03/05/2019 | 55 Minutes

This week’s guest: Scott Needham – Took his family business and built two tech companies serving Amazon sellers and brands. This former mom and pop shop currently provides the largest selection of products in the Amazon Prime program in the nation. With two computer engineering degrees, he’s analyzing consumer data, trends, and shipping all the stress to fulfillment centers while creating time to run marathons. 


  • Progression – making himself uncomfortable to learn something new. Taking a weakness and improving upon that to eventually become a strength. Tomorrow, he’s going to be better than he was today. 

  • Finding meaning in making himself better. He won’t be judged by his peers for what he did or didn’t do, but in that process of competing and improving he, himself, judges to improve. It’s harder to train for an iron man than to compete in an iron man.

  • Motivations didn’t come from internal places necessarily, but they ended up there.

  • Seeing something that is worth sharing with other people. Finding the fun. 


  • Feeling misunderstood, or finding out he’s been misjudged. He has the purest intentions to share the moment, let people in on the joke, not for anything else. 

  • Losing the motivation. He’s learned all he needs to do is show up. That’s the battle. 


  • Feeling left in the dark – and this happens with a beast like Amazon. He had to dive deep into behavior data around what was bringing in money and what was losing money. 

  • Making Ten Thousand Dollar mistakes. Hopefully some of them can be funny when looking back. Selling 500 dollar drones online for 50 dollars. 


  • Business is about people and the people in it. People aren’t like computer programs. And the learning journey is fascinating yet challenging. 

  • To be a leader of business, he has to insert his personality. That’s when he’s the most successful. 

  • Simplicity of their business: they offer a product and a price. Getting one of those right spells success. Creating a service that doesn’t feel like a middleman. 

  • Engineering around predictable unpredictability. There’s a thrill to seeing instant feedback on a product or price post. 



Episode transcript coming soon.

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