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Episode 108


All In

Show Notes

03/12/2019 | 90 Minutes

This week’s guest: Curtis Anderson – Entrepreneur of an IT services agency and a nurse staffing agency and former sports desk news intern. He’s spent his adult life making the pain of the solution less than the pain of the problem, with a little exercise-based swimming kicking in. And if you listen closely, you’ll discover he’s a big part of the inspiration behind starting this podcast. Stick around for the whole episode to hear a few final ticks and tick offs from Lib and Dalton.

Special Announcement: Curtis will now join Ben behind the mic every episode as the new co-host. To Lib and Dalton – the foundation you’ve helped create will continue to grow, thank you!


  • Swimming – Curtis lifeguarded throughout high school, and still loves the quiet peace he can tap into while moving through the water. Rather than going for gold, he uses this exercise in health maintenance mode.

  • Staying invested in a good cause – a little bit of consistent effort every day goes a really long way. There’s something to be said about the kid who trials through, has the chance to fail repeatedly and continue through it.

  • Having his hands knee-deep in something he believes in – all that will matter is what we had, and what we did with what we had. He wants his content in his life to matter.  


  • News – a lot of it these days feels manufactured. We expect these correspondents to provide around the clock updates (news cycle is truly 24 hours now) and we don’t treat them with enough empathy, humanity. Plus they have too many investors and marketers to answer to that impedes their true objectivity. 

  • We don’t take enough time to put together the whole story.

  • We have a greater capacity now to inject more good in the world than ever before, but we spend our time buried in our own mobile screen. 

  • Think about how you’d label news, versus what your grandparents would label as news.

  • People who don’t follow through, the opposite of dependability – we thrive in a group environment when everyone can be confident to express their opinion in respectful manners and build better things. But that all too often falls apart. We don’t live up to the potential the roster shows. 


  • Honesty isn’t always the truth. Communicating with candor and respect. Feedback based on the body of work being produced, not at the person. 


  • Collaboration – putting the focus of the effort on the project, and directing feedback in that direction, rather than on the individual. The sum is greater than its parts. 

  • Small rewards – In Curtis’ workplace, there’s always more work to be done, but rewarding along the way...let’s go grab a lemonade. Measurable improvement lends to a small reward, but there’s still work to do.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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