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Episode 109


Be a Friend

Show Notes

03/19/2019 | 58 Minutes

This week’s guest: Brooklyn Parks – she who passed up an earlier interest in Biology to become a starving artist – except she’s got it figured out. Graphic designer by day, dreamer by night. Go buy her first book, The Littlest Angel, at a shelf near you. This interview provides the backstory to the book and a contest to win a signed copy. Tune in and stay ticked. 

Brooklyn is a designer, not an artist. And she provides a little commentary around these two distinctions. For her, design is a beautification of all parts of life, be it home décor, clothing, or how you choose to live.


  • Design – Fashion, Home Decor, something that is well made, well thought out, functional, beautiful. Something she can connect to, in a bigger sense than simply paintings or standard “art.” 

  • Tidying up. She appreciates the cathartic feel of throwing things away and keeping life simple.

  • Brooklyn’s formal wear is on point. She’s been asked, “Are you a Lawyer?” No, she just looks incredible! Powerful woman dressed to impress.

  • She’s independent in nature – she’s become far more confident than she’s ever been in her entire life. Friends and experience gave her the perspective that life is too short to not confidently laugh loudly.

  • Design your own life how you want it. She’s got a lot of goals and aspirations, and she’s not waiting around for life to happen so she can achieve them. She has a vision for herself that she can control. 


  • No empathy, no humanity, no middle ground in the world around her. So many opposing sides with no desire for resolution. 

  • Listen more. Talk less.

  • When strong opinions silence understanding and empathizing the “other,” we all lose.

  • She’s observed more frequently as she’s grown up that she lives in a man’s world. Not just in the workplace, but large part in society. 



Episode transcript coming soon.

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