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Episode 111


Present Ticks

Show Notes

04/02/2019 | 45 Minutes

This week’s guest - Ben and Curtis. In this Stoppage Time episode, we bring in a few opinions from listeners on what’s making them tick or ticking them off right now. We cover productivity apps, apple events, and nit-picky organization tips. What’s making us tick right now? Supporting and investing in the accomplishments of others, and the reward that has for one’s own soul. 


  • Running for Student Body President to then find out you don’t get your own parking spot like you thought. 

    • Ben ran for president and lost, you got him beat. 

    • Curtis ran for student office in 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th (uncontested) 11th, and 12th, and didn’t quite make public office. 

  • Showing up at a stranger’s funeral. We hate it when that happens. 

  • The Taco Bell on 83rd that is too slow. Maybe we could all use a little chic-fil-a efficiency in our lives. 

  • Other drivers who rely too heavily on their high beams: You either have to speed up to get away from them, or duck awkwardly in your seat to barely see above the dashboard. 

    • Ben hates the inconsiderate nature of those people, especially those driving big trucks. You can’t get away from their high beams blinding you through your overhead mirror. But also, cars coming in the opposite direction around those canyon curves - you may be leading the pack, but as soon as you see lights that aren’t yours, please dim your high beams. 

    • Curtis drove with his brights on as a high school kid in Idaho. Everyone drives with their brights on, but that’s in the country. We don’t need that as much with city lights overhead. 

  • But also, what’s up with pedestrians and bicyclists who don’t use the bike lane early in the morning when exercising? 

  • Bottom line? We hear you.


  • Ben loves the ecosphere of apple. Everything syncs, and everything works for him.

  • On the other hand, Apple announces great R&D efforts to luxuries that already exist from other providers. Apple has to do it The Apple Way, which brings along a certain probability that it will misinterpret your voice command. 

  • Curtis is cautiously optimistic with what this all means for Apple’s future. 

  • Don’t spread yourself too thin in your R&D, cause then you strike out on all fronts. Narrow your focus and precision and great things will come. 

  • We miss you, Steve.


  • Ben strives to live “at inbox zero.” 

  • Curtis uses his calendar as a journal. Ben deletes old events, doesn’t live in the past, but doesn’t journal either.

  • Slack is the attention-getter for Curtis. That’s his tracker. 

  • How do you guys stay organized and updated? Are you forever tethered to the Apple ecosphere?


  • Curtis has had opportunities lately to cross paths with inspiring individuals. To work hand in hand with people who are contributing to the greater good, and equally invested as those he’s working with. 

  • Ben’s had the chance to work with one individual who, despite going through personal turmoil, has been a light to Ben, and that’s created a lasting relationship. 

  • Supporting and investing in the accomplishments of others is so nourishing for one’s own soul. 


Episode transcript coming soon.

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