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Episode 112


MoBound for Greatness

Show Notes

04/23/2019 | 56 Minutes

Chris takes risks when faced with problems to get around it and find out more about himself, accepting failure as a learning option. And when meeting you, he asks searching questions like, “What’s the best thing that happened to you today?” to move past the small talk and make that exchange memorable. He loves pringles but hates their packaging. He’s impatient, he moves with purpose, and he’s a serial entrepreneur building and creating two businesses. 


  • Asking meaningful questions to uncover emotional context of those close to him. What are they coming from when he sees them, and how can he quickly understand that context and treat them better? Make that interaction meaningful. 

  • Taking risks and getting an adrenaline rush. Chris considers these accomplishments to go bigger and better. He’s competitive and In the end he’s challenging himself. 

  • Constructive feedback. “Good job” isn’t enough. He wants to really uncover what he’s capable of.  


  • Small Talk – Obligatory “what do you do?” questions at networking events. Instead, he phrases these searching questions into, “What was the best thing that happened to you today?” “What’s one thing you want to do before you die?” to really dive deep into the goals and aspirations of a person. It makes all these moments so much more memorable. 

  • His own impatient nature. He’s all about the meat and potatoes in all his interactions. 

  • The world is not built for taller people. Chris is 6’3.” Ben described him as a giant, which may be a bit of a stretch. But flying, riding in cars, even consumable goods aren’t designed for bigger people, case in point: Pringle cans. Can’t we design these to be more consumer accommodating? 


  • When he’s in a room with diversity of thought and his opinions go unchallenged. His ideas can’t be that perfect!


  • Competing against himself to one day, look back, and see that he’s made an impact on the world that only he’s able to create. 

  • Problem solving, and using his entrepreneurial prowess to provide opportunities for others to provide solutions to problems as they grow their business. Mobound operates under this model. 




Episode transcript coming soon.

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