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Episode 113


The Happiness Dude

Show Notes

04/30/2019 | 55 Minutes

Mark drives the Arizona roads convertible style, takes his family on month-long road trips, and coaches high performing teams to be happier. He empowers people through a coaching process and hates it when they ask for the recipe, and helps them get un-stuck from mediocrity. He’s an always entrepreneur, a dreamer, and one who lives with a simple idea: Don’t do what everyone else does, strive to see the world and your situation from a different view.


  • Driving in a convertible. Whenever he gets in a rut or needs to see the world in a different view, he rolls down the windows, set the top back, and lets the air oxygenate his blood and refresh his mind. The idea behind his personal coaching practice, The Happiness Dude, came from driving in the sunshine with the top down. 

  • While talking of being on the road, taking month long road trips with his kids. Trips from Florida to LA through Ohio have been common. How do you want to get there? Their favorite Chinese restaurant that one place in Chicago. Or visiting the Corn Palace in South Dakota.

  • Exploring to make the history come alive and seeing the world from multiple lenses. 


  • Whenever he falls into mediocrity mode. It makes him feel like he’s failing, as evidenced by his not working or not dreaming. When he’s not making an impact on the world. 

  • Don’t do what everyone else does. Leave the world better than the way you found it. 

  • Parents, of mature young girls, who yell direction from the sidelines of kids soccer games. Not 8 year olds, 18 year olds. 


  • When people get stuck and don’t care. What does your future look like? What do you want it to be? If you could do anything, knowing you couldn’t fail, what would you do? What would the best version of yourself look like? Then develop multiple goals that provide multiple options to get there, cause there will be closed roads in the future. 

  • When people only want the goods and not the recipe. They only want the endgame, but they aren’t interested in the process to become.


  • HERO = Hope (Are you setting goals?) Efficacy (What are you doing to build up your confidence?) Resiliency (Ability to bounce back when shit hits the fan) Optimism (Seeing the positivity of your situation). 

  • Shiny Eye Moment, or a-ha moments. Feeling with the client that a change is taking shape in their behavior and attitude. Sometimes visual, sometimes emotional. 



Episode transcript coming soon.

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