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Episode 115


Customer Service

Show Notes

05/14/2019 | 52 Minutes

Ben and Curtis explore the ticks and tick offs around Customer Care in this week’s stoppage time episode. Ben recently had a service appointment for his car where stated expectations were clearly not met. Curtis wrestled through customer loyalty negotiations to receive a new member discount for a loyal customer. We offer our key takeaways for outstanding customer service, regardless of the side of the phone from which you’re calling. And be warned, you’ll be hearing from us on YELP!

BEN | TICK OFF: LHM Ford Draper Service Center

  • Expectations were not met that he felt were clearly outlined

  • If those expectations aren’t possible once you’re in the thick of it, be proactive in communicating back to the client. Or to Ben. 

  • But Ben’s aware that maybe he’s just projecting his method, his response, onto everyone else with whom he interacts. 

  • Curtis believes customer service requests are heavily dependent on perspective, both on the agent, and on the customer. The customer, in this case, Ben, needs to realize that this employee delivering the bad news has to deliver bad news to a lot of people, and is probably the communication person, not necessarily to attendant working on the problem. However, the agent needs to realize that he or she is representing a brand, and the person with whom he or she is communicating has perspective that their request is being worked on at highest quality. 

BEN & CURTIS | TICK OFF: McDonald’s Self-Serve Kiosks but Soda Fail

  • Ordering your meal at a kiosk, yet having to wait in line for a cup after you’ve paid at the kiosk.

  • Not receiving service in a timely manner, by available employees who just don’t seem to care. 

  • Curtis is missing out on valuable soda time. 

BEN & CURTIS | TICK: McDonalds

  • Ben knows of two employees at this location that go above and beyond, that make a positive impact on your experience. 

  • Curtis brings up perspective here as well – the perspective of these employees who feel responsible to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

  • Curtis had an outstanding customer service experience while using the McDonald’s app and taking advantage of the technology they’ve invested in. 

  • The best customer experiences we’ve had are when the outcome is a bit of a surprise. Expectations are exceeded, and in a surprising manner.

CURTIS | TICK OFF: Comcast Customer Service and Loyalty 

  • Customer Service and Customer Loyalty are two separate departments….why? 

  • Customer loyalty shouldn’t feel like a wrestle to get both negotiating parties on the same page, yet it often does.

  • In this case, existing and loyal customers weren’t offered the same deal as new customers, yet negotiating through the process where Curtis had to overly display is worth as a customer granted him a similar benefit as that of a brand new customer. 

  • Shouldn’t the company providing the service be as loyal to the customers as they are loyal to the company? 

CURTIS | TICK: Customer Support Call with a SAAS Company, Zero

  • Budgeting software company, Curtis was on a support call after his request had been carried up the line and he was able to talk to an actual agent. 

  • This customer service representative was delightful to speak with, was familiar with the problem, and called him to speak on a dedicated line and time. 

  • The plan was laid out in full how Curtis could arrive at a solution. In the end, it wasn’t exactly what Curtis was looking for, and he made a comment about needing to turn his attention elsewhere and slay dragons. 

  • 2 weeks later, Curtis received a package in the mail with a note written from the customer service representative, with a custom-ordered mug including the comment he made about slaying dragons which made her laugh at the time. 

  • The company, and specifically the service department, has made it a priority to celebrate personal encounters to build that loyalty. 


  • Go above and beyond. You may not be able to solve the problem, but you can help the customer feel like they were taken care of, no matter the outcome. 

  • Set and manage expectations. Over communicate when necessary. 

  • Keep perspectives in mind from both sides of the aisle. 

  • When expectations are met unexpectedly or surprisingly, the experience is always sweeter for the customer. 

  • Provide positive customer feedback on public sites. 

  • Providing feedback to companies offers a way for them to really see where they’re lacking, what they can do to improve, what additional services they can offer or research. But be constructive and corrective in that feedback so that they can be set up for success from your feedback. 


Episode transcript coming soon.

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