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Episode 116


Meant For This

Show Notes

05/28/2019 | 56 Minutes

Tennille is the head trainer at OrangeTheory Fitness in Draper, UT where she coaches groups of people to live their best lives by motivating them through daily workouts. She’s starting to host fitness retreats, encouraging everyone to “Move with Purpose, Live with Purpose,” and she’s a member of the WISH society. At her core, you’ll find people and relationships, helping others through the hard times – whether that’s through grief or through a workout. Sometimes at the same time. At the very definition, she is a ticked person, and we can’t wait for you to hear our conversation. 


  • Being outdoors- Going hiking, mountain biking, etc gives her life! It helps her recharge. She also feels connected to Jett when she’s outside, especially on blue sky kinda days. The day after Jett passed away, it became clear to her that jet streams in the sky were his sign to her. Jett was born with a really rare brain condition called Pontocerebellar hypoplasia, where his cerebellum and ponds don’t develop fully in his brain, causing a myriad of issues. But being outside was his therapy. He’d smile and giggle when the sun and wind hit his face. 

  • Personal fitness – Tennille has been surrounded by fitness and dance her entire life, she moves with purpose. Also, following mother’s intuition, she started blending her son’s own feeding formula early on in his life as a way to use her knowledge in health and fitness and further contribute to his quality of life. 

  • Seeking adventure – Tennille is a pilot, and her first date with her ex husband was one for the record books. 

  • Connecting with Like-Minded People...especially on entrepreneurship. She loves having conversations with friends about ideas, branding, products, and events. She also loves storytelling. She feels like telling our story and knowing other people's stories can connect us on a much deeper level. 


  • “The three things that tick me off mostly have to do with me and the expectations I set for myself!”

  • She always felt like I needed to do something grandiose. She was always looking for the next best thing and FINALLY learning that it's the journey that is the most important and that previous ideas of "who she wanted to be" or "what she wanted to do" is actually not who she is at her core. 

  • Ben and Tennille were nominated in 8th grade as “Mr. and Mrs. Conscientious.” It’s a title we both love and hate to this day. But Curtis came to the rescue with the aid of Google, and informed us that to be “Conscientious” was to: Of a person, wishing to do what is right, especially to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly. 

  • Having TOO many interests ticks her off! Lol. Seriously, though. There are people in life who are destined to be engineers or doctors or mothers. For her, she has so many interests that it's always been hard to narrow it down to just one.

    She’s an empath. She can feel other people's energy and if she’s not careful, it can drain her. She actually loves that she is blessed with this gift, but sometimes it can be too much. If she feels overwhelmed, she can recharge by spending time alone outdoors or doing yoga.


  • Coaching is draining. She gives everything she has to her classes and usually leaves feeling exhausted! 


  • Coaching/Teaching- She loves commanding a room of people...not in a narcissistic kind of way, but being in front of a crowd gives her life. She was a performer growing up and all through college. That naturally progressed into coaching/teaching.

  • Being creative. (Organizing events, creating workouts, etc)

  • Being able to witness other people's success and knowing that she helped get them there. It's really rewarding to see someone's confidence level go from a ZERO to a TEN!



Episode transcript coming soon.

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