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Episode 117


Connection Coach

Show Notes

06/04/2019 | 58 Minutes

Salenta is a mother, entrepreneur, energy psychology practitioner, and love coach. She assists men, women, and couples to identify and release limiting beliefs, patterns, and mindsets to instead live from love and be more connected to themselves, their partners, and their higher power. By clearing up triggers that impede deep connection, she helps couples connect more intimately through both sacred approaches and technical tips. The masculine still leads the feminine when you’re both aligned and safe. And it starts with talking about it more openly.


  • Living from a place of alignment. Being centered in her values and goals yes, but more importantly, being centered and strong energetically, cultivating a strong presence, and manifesting an outward alignment with her inner core.

  • Freedom. Creating a life and lifestyle where I have the freedom to express myself outwardly how I choose. Feeling connected to a higher power through a higher love and feeling the freedom that comes from that ultimate connection.

  • Expansion and growth in knowledge, ability. Expanding into all of who she is, pushing her boundaries, comfort zones, being in all of her strength, power, value.

  • She references a book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz - here it is on Amazon


  • When people do not see their value, their uniqueness, their gifts, their awesomeness and instead act and live from their limitations or smallness. She’s seen this in herself as well while breaking from her old self and starting on this new path. Using Energy Psychology to push through these roadblocks that she, and we all, place on ourselves.

  • When people blindly follow the norms and old structures or patterns that are hurting them. They stay in them out of fear and cannot shift into something they want or feel better because of this constraint they have put on themselves, or the constraint our society has put on taboo topics. 


  • How the cultural and societal messaging about sex, which was meant to create safety, has instead created huge disconnection to our bodies and sex lives and then we are surprised why our personal sex lives suck.

  • When people discount sex as just a physical thing, and its usually the people who consider themselves more spiritual who do this. Only because they have not explored it from an energetic and sacred place.


  • Seeing people lighten-up, get new cognitions, and feel better about themselves and their lives.

  • Couples who can now relate from a real authentic place supporting each others in all their growth both individually and in their shared goals and life, instead of sheltering each others insecurities which made them both unhappy in the past.

  • Seeing couples and individuals who are closer, happier, and more vital by shifting their intimate lives, brining the sacred in, and connecting on a far deeper level.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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