The Hosts



Instructional Designer | Well Kempt | Film Critic | Has been called the "Songbird" of our generation | RSLTID



Graphic Designer | The Whitest Mexican | Cancer Survivor | Knows in his heart that "ball is life" | RSLTID

The Network

Part of the PodBash Network

Pod Bash started at the beginning of 2014 as an effort to introduce an established FM radio audience to the world of podcasting, which provided a customized version of what they loved listening to previously. In that time, it expanded from one flagship show to a network composed of 15 currently running podcasts. With this network, we reach the widest possible audience with shows focused on humor, underground music, motivation, pop culture, the supernatural, video games, the lifestyle of a marathoner, and even Disneyland. Podcasts on the Pod Bash Network have the benefit of the established fan-base and continue to grow with new engaged listeners based on the content of each podcast.

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