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And what ticks you off?


Two hosts, one guest, and a commute's worth of inspiring content. Every Tuesday. Learn more about what makes us tick and our episode format.

We are all quick to make a list of things that tick us off. And, surprisingly, we can all get behind the same irritating list, like it has some unifying power. Are we as quick to make a list of inspiring things that set us apart, those things that make us tick? What sparks your creativity, your passion, your drive to make your story known? In this podcast, hear from everyday people, with everyday ticks...some that unite us on our bad days and some that identify us as we pursue our passions.



Instructional Designer | Well Kempt | Film & Theater 
| Vocative Comma | Business Cards | Has been called the "Songbird" of our generation | RSLTID



Father | Founder | Purpose driven | Story snob | Data centric | World’s Okayest Swimmer| Croquet & Lemonade connoisseur | Just a kid from Gooding


Guest Interview

Microphone Icon.png

Interview-style episode where the two hosts talk with a driven individual, asking them what makes them tick & what ticks them off, in both personal & passionate life.

Why "Ticked?"

It's the most intriguing question.

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, and everyone has a story to tell. We want to capture how you spend your time to make your story known.

Stoppage Time

Stopwatch Icon.png

Timeout-style episode where the two hosts take a step back, relax, and talk about a topic that's made them tick, or ticked them off. Honestly, it's sometimes both.

Why "Stoppage Time?"

Two reasons: Clocks and Soccer.

Sometimes you need to stop and step back to create instead of consume. And sometimes the best 3 points are earned after contributing a 'full 90.'

On the Road

Location Icon.png

"Man on the Street"-style episode where the two hosts take the studio on the road and improvise with interesting people while exploring a ticked topic.

Why "On the Road?"

It's the everyday that unites us.

Hear from everyday people, with everyday ticks...those that unite us on our bad days and those that uniquely set us apart in pursuit of our passions.

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