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About Ben

I simply love talking to people, hearing about their experiences and telling their stories. My colleagues at work joke with me that when a new hire arrives, I take them to lunch and, in essence, ask them what makes them tick and what ticks them off. I want to get a pulse about them, find out their back story and what made them the person they are right now, sitting next to me. 

I thrive on relationships. I can't be alone. I think its cool to tell another guy that he's my best friend. My family laughs when I tell them that "I went to lunch with an old friend." They always say I'm too young to have old friends. But they matter to me. Giving my word to them, and then not following through matters to much so that I let it deflate me too much when it happens...and it happens. 

My more common ticks? Going to movies and the theater, talking with friends and family, drinking a coke when I need to zero in my focus and get stuff done, watching soccer (...and other sports too, I guess), music and road trips, organization, feeling like I'm uniquely qualified and relied upon to deliver a professional project, correcting poor grammar – especially when it can be delivered in some form of a "burn." 

What ticks me off? Not following through on your word, inconsiderate and loud neighbors, a rushed design job that I have to re-do before sending off to the client, aloof drive-thru employees, 10 months of road construction in Utah, posting on social media as complaining but acting under the guise of vulnerability – your life is not that hard, Sara!

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