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Episode 09


Female Foodie

Show Notes

03/21/2017  |  54 Minutes

This week’s guest: Brooke Eliason – Founder of the Female Foodie blog, sharing restaurant reviews, recipes, and swoon-worthy photos. She makes lists, builds her collaborative network, and trolls online negativity so her contributing team, and the rest of us, know where to go for food that makes us feel alive and avoid diabetes.

Brooke referenced a TED talk from Monica Lewinsky entitled, "The Price of Shame." You can find that TED talk here.

One quote from that TED talk that struck me: When Monica was referencing the 1998 onslaught of media and attention, "I was seen by many, but known by few."

Follow Brooke and Female Foodie on Instagram: @femalefoodie and check out her website to apply to become a foodie.

Because, Life's too Short to Eat Bad Food.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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