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Episode 101


Season 2 Finale

Show Notes

12/11/2018  | 46 Minutes

It’s a stoppage time, and our season 2 finale. Season TWO! We take a step back, enjoy a few Hot ‘n Spicy’s, and reflect on the year’s best episodes. Listen to hear who gets our “Ticked Person of the Year” award and what our 2018 Ticked Takeaways are. Thank you for subscribing, joining us on #tickedtuesdays, and making us tick!


  • We’re giving away a signed copy of Lindsay Eagar’s (last week’s guest) three novels: The Hour of the Bees, Race to the Bottom of the Sea, and The Bigfoot Files. If you want a book, email us ( and tell us which book you’d like. We’ll be in touch and get that to your door just before Christmas!

  • Fell, a design studio in Salt Lake City, is sponsoring a redesign campaign of the Salt Lake City Flag. Jump online and fill out this survey before December 21st to help them out! Here’s a link to the survey.


  • Dalton: Paul Goldschmidt – Former first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks, now of the St. Louis Cardinals. Dalton describes him as elite, beyond the position to include the person that he is. “America’s First Baseman.”

  • Ben: Dax Shepard – Actor, writer, producer, and director. Dax started a podcast this year, The Armchair Expert, which Ben thoroughly enjoys listening to. He’s hilarious, humble, opinionated, open, intelligent, and a motivator to keep going through whatever life throws at you.

  • Lib: Peter McKinnon – Youtube and Swiss army knife around the camera. Peter does Vlogs, Tutorials, Lightroom Presets, even gear reviews. Amazing growth in his career and he does it just because he’s doing what he enjoys, regardless of the following.


  • Dalton: “Nothing happens until something happens,” (E82 Mark LeFevre). Dalton shares an experience from work, as a recruiter, where his contact pipeline was completely empty upon returning from vacation. Taking control of your own life, the difference between being proactive and reactive. Live deliberately.

  • Ben: “Be happy with your past, where you’re at now, and where you’re headed. And having fun is necessary.” Enjoy the experience of the journey and identify what you’ve learned (E85 Tyler Howells). Be a yellow personality every once in a while (E73 Francisco Terreros). And take time to pause and be in your element (E87 Braydon Ball).

  • Lib: Crab mentality, don’t let people bring you down – this could be self or others in personal and professional life (E57 Nick Spurlock). Also, not being perceived by your past, but seen for the potential future you hold (E73 Francisco Terreros). Sacrificing to become more and living unexpectedly (E69 Carla Swenson-Haslam). Everyone has a story and it's only yours to tell – take control where you can (E67 Morgan Jones).


Episode transcript coming soon.

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