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Episode 98


Creative & Kempt

Show Notes

11/19/2018  | 78 Minutes

This week’s guest: Lib Montoya – regularly a host of Ticked, Lib takes over the guest mic to discuss his ticks and tick offs. Originally from Arizona, he’s starting to call Utah home where he currently works as the Art Director for a marketing agency in Salt Lake, but he’s not so much a fan of titles. Or bumper stickers. Or messy yards. He’s a cancer survivor – currently three years in remission, a loyal friend, and creative AF.


  • Sports and all the physical and mental aspects that go along with it. Lib’s competitive nature shows up the most in sports. He can see his progression from one season to the next, and mentally, it’s the one place where he allows himself to make mistakes and see where he’s failed and improved.

  • Steve Nash. Lib’s main idol, both as an athlete and as a man. Nash is a ticked man, and Lib wants to interview him all about his drive.

  • Lib is well kempt. Nike Outlet Stores, Ironing, and Presentable Hair all make him tick.

  • Making my parents proud and immigrant mentality, learning loyalty and teaching loyalty.

  • Ciera, his wife, has given him balance and drive to live for something more and be a better person. And they try not to be too corny.


  • Naming cars. Why do we do this? Adults shouldn’t be doing this.

  • Bumper sticker etiquette. Keep it to one per side of your vehicle. And this includes flashy license plate covers. Don’t go overboard. We don’t need to know how many kids you have, that you do extreme sports and shop at REI, that you support your local university, that you’re a marathon runner, that you voted in the last election, and that you have a kid on board. Cool for you.

  • Messy yards. Lib’s a clean and organized person, and seeing someone in their messy yard make Lib think less of them. Take care of your investment, people! A little bit of effort goes a long way.

  • Not getting refills at restaurants. Specifically sit down restaurants. Keep his drink full and he’ll keep your wallet full.

  • Wearing his heart on his sleeve. He’s never been shy of sharing his emotions or what’s on his mind, but he’s learning as he’s getting older that’s not always the best approach.


  • Creatives don’t get the credit their work deserves. They get taken advantage of. People looking for favors.

  • Rush requests that creatives get all the time. So many people in the workplace don’t realize the planning and execution behind creative design work.

  • Given the work experience, there’s two extremes between receiving too much direction on a project, or receiving no direction at all. Neither extreme allows the creative process to live.

  • Comparing yourself to other creatives that ends up making you doubt your abilities. Especially with social media. EVERYONE posts their best work and it’s encouraging and discouraging at the same time.


  • High school Lib had no idea that professional Lib would be a creative director. Realizing he’s doing what he loves, and it’s something he didn’t dream up earlier.

  • Lib’s creative AF. A big reason why Ticked Podcast exists.

  • His wasted potential. Everyone is a ticked person in their own way, but what are you doing with that motivation? For Lib, there’s two reasons behind this: 1 is a former relationship that left him with a wake up call, and 2 is his wife and family he has now.

  • Striving to be financially free and travel bound, a hobby he shares with his wife.


  • Lib’s Password: nash64 (This is an inside joke. Go ahead and try to hack Lib’s login)

  • Instagram: @libmontoya

  • Twitter: @libmontoya


Episode transcript coming soon.

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