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Episode 97


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Show Notes

11/13/2018  | 63 Minutes

This week’s guest: Madison Heap – While studying Broadcast Journalism in college, “Mads” needed a passionate project for her resume to fill in the gap from a summer internship. That passion project has turned into a full-time news outlet that recaps the day’s most important news in a minute while not being confusing, depressing, or biased. Minute with Mads makes the news more simple to understand and a lot easier to stomach.

Throughout this interview, we list off her ticks and tick offs in rapid fire round succession, then touch on a few that we found particularly interesting or hilarious.


  • Mads is completely confident being around people, and also being by herself. She’s a little anxious and more secure in her personal relationships.

  • Burgers and fries. Milkshakes. Surprisingly this is a personal, individual thing for her. She recommends Hudson’s Hamburgers in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. And for chains, she goes with 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.

  • A good read. Mads is currently on the third book of the series: “Crazy Rich Asians.”

  • Lots and lots of sleep, a clean house, a new notebook, great conversations, making new friends

  • Exploring new places and finding new hobbies

  • The words "hell" and "damn." She loves them. And when her husband uses a bad word, its even better. Also, her marriage makes her tick.


  • When men cross their legs. “It’s girl-y.”

  • When she wastes money. She forgot to cancel 2 meals from Hello-Fresh when they wouldn’t be in town. Money wasted.

  • When she's in a do-it mood and her husband wants to chill. Mads gets a little stir crazy working from home while her husband gets home from work and just needs to decompress. There’s probably a lot of listeners who can relate to this.

  • Splitting the holidays to see every freaking family members you've ever had.

  • Hard-core feminists.

  • When people she barely knows ask her when she'll have kids. Why ask such a personal question?

  • When people want to go to the zoo. When have you gone to a zoo and actually seen the animals move, besides the penguins? And, to be fair, Mads has seen safaris in Tanzania and Kenya. She’s seen things...


  • When people's opinions are so strong they think it's a fact.

  • When people catch a spelling mistake or she gets a fact wrong. This is an internal tick off that she messed up.

  • When companies reach out and expect her to give them a shout out for free if they send her something.

  • When people attack each other's characters in the comments on one of her posts.

  • People who follow and love her content but don't do anything about it. Share what she’s doing. Help her business grow. If you want to thank a content creator, share what they’re doing.

  • Feeling like she's wasted the day.


  • A new project. Mads’ first project became her current passionate career. She’s entrepreneurial minded. She’s started a podcast, a new blog, updates on her website, trying to reach more people.

  • A great Totally Explained or a great recap. Great feedback from followers helps her find why she loves her job.

  • When people send in nice messages, nice comments, or just submit solid feedback.

  • Seeing a huge influx of followers, or seeing people share her page. Companies reaching out to work together.

  • Getting stuff done.

  • Breaking news. Gets her blood going knowing she’s got a time clock and needs to contribute.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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