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Episode 96


Career in Soccer

Show Notes

11/6/2018  | 56 Minutes

This week’s guest: Ashley Hatch – Professional soccer player in the NWSL, fellow Arizonian, and Rookie of the Year recipient. One thing you’ll love about Ashley right off the bat is that she grew up learning and progressing through soccer, she wasn’t born with a ball at her feet. She pushed her ability at every stage, and even off the field had to email recruiters and invite them to her tournaments. Ben and Lib saw her play in Utah for the US Women’s National Team, saw the inspiration she was for all aspiring soccer fans at that game, and knew she had to be on Ticked.


  • There are opportunities all around us. “If there’s no opportunity, create your own chances.” This applies to her position in soccer and her outlook on life.

  • Hearing people say, “you’re not going to make it.” Watch me. Take that as a compliment, “If people are talking about you, you’re doing something right.”

  • Finding balance at all phases in life between work and personal. Just when you have it figured out, there’s a new phase thrown at you and it’s an ongoing and learning process.


  • Inconsiderate people or those who live with, “I’m better than you” mentality. Those who question or pass judgement on every. single. decision. you make.


  • Inconsiderate people again, but in this space they’re unaware of how NWSL works and how it could possibly be a career. She went to college, just like any employee, and went for soccer.

  • The US Women’s soccer league is one of the best in the world. International players dream of coming to the US and playing here. The USWNT (US Women’s National Team) performance is proof of that.

  • “Don’t take my kindness for weakness.” Ashley is a sweetheart. And this is who she is, and makes it fit in her professional life despite what many opponents will say.


  • “As a professional soccer player I am always working hard to improve my craft. I know what I am capable of and what it took for me to get where I am at and knowing that motivates me to want to keep on climbing and pushing myself to reach my full potential as an athlete and as a person.”

  • “Success nor failure is ever final.”

  • Realizing there’s so much more in the world and more experiences that she’s just tapping into, but the road ahead has so many opportunities.

  • Intentionally picking out the positives from your day, or from your journey. We dig our negative rut deeper all too often.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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