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Episode 94


Junk Food

Show Notes

10/23/2018  | 78 Minutes

This week’s guest – Lib and Ben. It’s a stoppage time, where the hosts kick back, relax, and pick a theme that has us ticking. This week: Junk food, which could include gas station food, unhealthy food, road trip food, and everything in-between. We talk ticks and tick offs around chips, pastries, beverages, candy, and candy bars (those two are different). We may argue a little over candy posters and Halloween traditions, and you’re all sweet tarts!


Lib’s Choice: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Limon Flavored
Ben’s Choice: Sour Cream and Onion Pringles


  • Lib hates Salt and Vinegar Chips. Vinegar just isn’t a tasty ingredient.

  • Ben doesn’t like the inconsistency across flavors in brands. Some chip flavors are delicious, some are untrusted.

  • Lib wonders what’s the deal with oven-baked chips. Why even try? It’s a healthier alternative, but you’re still picking chips.

  • Both hosts are aware that most bags of chips are 70% air and 30% crushed chips.


  • Once you pop you can’t stop. Potato Chip & Drink ratio is real.

  • Chips are the perfect road trip snack, the balancing effect.

  • Lib loves that there’s a type of chip for everyone - different tastes for different cultures.

  • Chips are an essential side-snack at every event. BBQs, Tailgates, Football game watch parties.


Lib’s Choice: Hostess Brand Cupcakes
Ben’s Choice: Pillsbury Brand Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins


  • Immediate reward and immediate regret when it comes to gas station pastries

  • According to Lib, packs of small donettes are “the worst.” The white powder gets EVERYWHERE, original has fake dough, and chocolate tastes like rubber.

  • Lib has to eat his pastries with milk. A very crucial pairing. It’s his tick off and tick.


  • Pastries are a cultural thing for Lib. Sweet Bread, or Pan Dulce, is a Mexican pastry and a staple meal in Mexico. Ben had this experience as well while living there.

  • Ben loves homemade pastries. He never really buys pastries from a convenience store cause he’s spoiled. Thanks Mom!!!


Ben’s Choice: Coca Cola
Lib’s Choice: Mountain Dew (with a blast of cherry citrus flavor)


  • Picking new flavor lines of classic drinks is a total gamble. Lib is more adventurous than Ben.

  • Lib hates the “healthier options” to drinks, namely diet drinks. Again, like in chips, Why try?


  • Ben has to have a drink in his cup holder on those longer road trips, be it a soda or water.

  • Lib, again, loves the options and international options to soda. Manzanita, Sangria, Jarritos, Inca Cola, Guarana.


Lib’s Choice: Wild Berry Flavor Skittles
Ben’s Choice: Original Flavor Skittles


  • There’s a moment when you can have too much, and Ben doesn’t know when to stop.

  • Lib hates it when people hate on Mexican candy. Chili powder is amazing on candy.

  • The shelf life is never ending on candy, but the advertising on the wrapper is a complete opposite. In all the junk food we purchased, the candy was the only wrapper with outdated advertising.

  • Lib’s biggest tick off around candy is the candy posters. Ben loves them. And we read one aloud.


  • For Ben, Candy posters!

  • Kids with candy is the cutest thing.


Ben’s Choice: Snickers
Lib’s Choice: Butterfinger (Crisp, this time)


  • Candy bars seem to all be chocolate-based. It holds the bar together, and it melts.

  • Candy bars are the go-to for Halloween. This is kind of a tick off and tick for us.


  • Lib: Frooties, Whoppers, Tootsie Pops at Halloween

  • Ben: Hershey’s Chocolates, Twizzler bites at Halloween

  • There’s so many memories tied to junk food, and road trips and the candy you get at Halloween.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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