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Episode 93


Cozy Earth

Show Notes

10/16/2018  | 74 Minutes

This week’s guest: Tyler Howells - founder and president of Cozy Earth, a premium luxury bed linens brand. Basically, he helps people have the best sleep ever and works directly with bamboo harvesters in China. This was all made possible by knowing Mandarin (just imagine a 6” 3” white guy speaking Mandarin) and loving the culture. Tyler focuses on not getting too high, or getting too low. Life is about how you handle the universe. He wants to help others fulfill their potential as he fulfills his own and enjoying the journey, because you will never “reach” your destination.


  • Motivation for fulfilling potential. If you are living to your potential, do you help others do the same? 

  • Gratitude and using that gratitude to help others. 


  • Society's acceptance of the addictive/destructive nature of social media.

  • Children with iPads or cell phones.

  • Celebrity worship. That includes social media “influencers.”

  • Parents who compete/self-aggrandize through their children.

  • People who complain constantly, but refuse and resist change.

  • Hysteria surrounding politics.

  • Society's obsession with sex.

  • How sugar should be treated and labeled the same as tobacco.


  • Frustration or stress. But what’s more important is how you handle those situations!

  • We have included this from Tyler’s form because he did such a great job of eloquently describing this tick off! His tick off is as follows: 

    I think what's kept me going all these years is an inner calmness and sincere belief that everything is going to work out. I firmly believe in the power of positive belief and thinking--if I can visualize it and allow myself to accept it actually happening--with my hard work, it will happen. I also believe that if your intentions are good, good will eventually come to you.With that said, there certainly have been some disappointments (ticked-off moments) along the way that have caused me to re-evaluate some of my own perspectives. What has been more disappointing than anything (for me) is ironically people, and how even the hint of money or success can reveal poor character quickly. Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy being around people and would probably be described as an extrovert. However, as an entrepreneur, I've witnessed a few people behaving in eye-opening and sometimes shameful ways that I initially never expected. It's damaged my normally "trusting" instincts and I wish it wasn't the case. I’ve learned that most people have good intentions, but they struggle getting out of their own way. Unfortunately most of us lack a core self-confidence and often carry damage from the past. It's part of why we judge, get jealous, fight, attack, act in greed, and also why we sometimes don't feel completely fulfilled no matter what we do. Insert money, the stresses of life, supporting a family, and business and you have a powder keg.

  • Entrepreneurs who pursue money and are never happy. 

  • People who believe that their salary is part of their personal worth.


  • Enjoying the journey because you will never “reach” the destination. Work for a positive purpose and find it throughout the journey. 



Episode transcript coming soon.

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