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Episode 92


classic | creative | professional | simple

Show Notes

10/09/2018  | 63 Minutes

This week’s guest: Ben Croshaw, an instructional designer, film fanatic, and RSL season ticket holder. Ben, or “Crosh,” hosts a podcast, sings, attempts to play the piano, and will defend the luxury loungers at Cinemark ’til the day he dies. Ben lives by his theme: classic | creative | professional | simple – it guides his work, his design inspiration and output, and even his ticks and tick offs. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and if you’re not sticking your neck out every once in a while, you’re not doing your job. 


  • Classic: Being a classy man in the way he holds friendships and dating relationships. Also, Ben is all about business cards and markers, and the classed history behind those.

  • Creative: In trying to be a classy person, he’s had to be more creative. Creating experiences and memories with friends and loved ones. Also being creative in the way he responds to situations instead of giving the knee-jerk reaction. 

  • Professional: His word is his bond and he’s looking for ways to always put his best foot forward. He tries to accommodate and anticipate the needs of others so he can cover his bases before hand. 

  • Simple: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When he gets too wound up or too stressed, he likes to take a step back, relax, simplify, and re-attack. 


  • Broken plans. Ben lives and dies by his calendar. And when someone doesn’t return that favor, it ticks him off. And he realizes that he puts his frame of reference on other people and that’s unfair, and that ticks him off too. There’s internal and external. 


  • Half-filled chip bag, it’s not family size

  • Movie Theater skittles

  • Runny Chic Fil-A sauce

  • Diet Coke at a McDonalds, or just the Coke Freestyle Machine in general

  • Exploding text messages when you’re not participating

  • Missing a traffic light cause the person in front drove slow

  • Drivers looking for directions…Navigation, people!

  • Replacing the batteries in the smoke detector

  • Bad National Anthem Singers


  • Perfectionist: Ben gets caught in the weeds too much on too many tasks. This shows up in his professional life and his passionate life with Ticked. 

  • Menial tasks: When Ben gets asked to do a task that the person asking could do for themselves. Let Me Google That For You!


  • Line of sight discussions with company leaders. Clarifies your role and the impact you can have on company direction. 

  • A chance to earn his seat at the table. Never back down.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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