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Episode 91


The National Parks

Show Notes

10/02/2018  | 72 Minutes

This week’s guest – Brady and Megan Parks from The National Parks band. Brady is the frontman, and Megan backs him up on a mean violin. Originally forming in 2013, the band has been through a couple talent changes, but after hearing Brady and Megan’s love story, it sounds like those two are committed. We cover skiing, allergies, spirit food, man colds, air hand-dryers, and band names. They’ve toured all throughout the US, but “At The Heart,” Rexburg, ID will always be one of their most special “Places.” 


  • B: Being outside and experiencing the outdoors. “If I could pick anywhere to live I’d still pick Utah.” 

  • M: Boredom. When she hasn’t been doing something for a long time, she gets a little stir-crazy and has to pick up new hobbies.  Among these, embroidery.


  • B: The fact that he’s allergic to avocados and bananas. And he gets more mad just thinking about it. And actually talking about it. 

  • M: Zits and being sick. But she loves watching those pimple popper videos. Gross. 

  • B & M: No paper towels in bathrooms. 


  • M: No green rooms while on tour. 

  • B: Tech issues and sound issues leading up to a show or feeling rushed during a sound check. 

  • B: When people don’t think that being in a band is a career path. “So, you’re still in that band then, huh?” 


  • M: Energy that comes from the band and comes from the crowd. There’s a give and take there. Hearing the crowd singing along and realizing that they know your songs. 

  • B: The magical shows that come around every once in a while. Everyone is singing, there’s great energy, the tech works, and you can just feel it on stage.

  • B: Participating as a fan at other concerts. There’s inspiration there to see colleagues of yours fulfilling their dreams. 

  • B: Wind & Anchor was written in one night following the inspiration he got watching another friend perform.

  • M: There’s something beautiful in watching someone else be creative in their art that inspires your creativity. 


  • Favorite song to perform: M: Monsters of the North or As We Ran, Brady: Glow

  • Most requested song to perform: M: As We Ran, B: You Are Gold

  • Most sentimental song you’ve written: 1953

  • Most memorable concert to perform: M: Rexburg, B: Album acoustic preview at Velour 

  • Best location you’ve visited on tour: M: Seattle, B: Washington DC

  • Best venue you’ve played in: M: The Depot (Salt Lake City), B: The Fillmore (San Francisco) 



Episode transcript coming soon.

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