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Episode 88


CEO & Family Man

Show Notes

09/11/2018  | 61 Minutes

This week’s guest: Patrick Donohoe – a native of Connecticut who, you could say, “Got in with the right crowd” after moving to Utah. He now owns several businesses, hosts a financial wealth podcast, and recently wrote a book. Beyond his professional life, Pat lives with a mentality of “If you have something of value that can benefit someone else, figure out a way to give it to them,” and has graciously opened his studio doors to the Ticked Team.


  • Although a common tick, his greatest fulfillment is the ability to touch or influence someone else. Specifically, his community. Namely, his family.

  • His stewardship is his greatest blessing. He’s not big on rules with his kids, he’s more about teaching value through trust.

  • He considers his wife as the most important person in his life, and continuously finds ways to communicate that to her.

  • He wants to be a community influencer and build trust and relationships, but if he’s not starting with his family, his impact can’t be far-reaching.


  • Pat discounts himself a lot while holding others to a high expectation, and that’s not a good combination.

  • He ticks himself off when he places, or projects his view of things on other people, instead of taking their different view into consideration.

  • While discussing Tick Offs, Pat eludes to a conference he attended called, The Perfect Day. Here’s the book.


  • The level of expectation that others have of him – to be perfect, that he has all the answers, or that he doesn’t make mistakes.


  • The challenge of having a successful company. He’s not giving up, even if he’s had failures in the past.

  • Allowing the space in his company’s culture where employees can step in and feel like they’re making a difference from the beginning.

  • Inspiring employees to deliver on their best, driven by values and team.

  • Ben brings up that at Paradigm Life, they take the 16 Personalities Test.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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