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Episode 86


Dorai Home

Show Notes

08/28/2018  | 61 Minutes

This week’s guest, Jason and Kelsey – serial entrepreneurs who kick-start their creative ideas through dedication, sweat, and – maybe, tears. Each of them run their own business, then started dating and decided to start a business together, Dorai Home. Eco friendly and organic, this idea mapped well to their personality traits and has become so much more than a successfully-funded kickstarter campaign. Creating happier, healthier homes through natural approaches, in two words: Diatomaceous earth.

And they brought in product to demo right before the Ticked crew’s eyes. It was fantastic – you could say, it was diatomaceous.


  • Jason: Collaboration – especially when there’s creativity and money on the table. People come with their pain points and you solve problems.

  • Kelsey: Health & Wellness – After playing soccer in college and now working in an office, Kelsey sees the value and data in performing her best. She’s starting to game-ify her health daily.


  • Jason: When people do things slower than they have to – slow drivers, slow grocery store attendants, slow DMV lines…

  • Kelsey: Poor design in User Experience – governmental websites, race registration websites, financial payment online confirmation screens, airport security, restaurants, …we could go on.


  • Kelsey: Bringing coworkers together over cheap, unhealthy food – it’s not good for the health of the employee, and not good for the productive health of the company, specifically on that day. Stomach aches and 2:30 slumps abound.

  • Jason: Not doing. The opposite of doing. Jason does. And when someone doesn’t, it gets under his skin.


  • Jason: Doing – he has as his iPhone wallpaper the phrase, “Get Shit Done,” from an online company called Startup Vitamins (Ben loves this company). 

  • Jason: Culture – he’s created house rules to spike ball and dedicated an office space to it. Happy team happy client.

  • Jason: Visible success - he’s had to make a ton of changes over the last year: management, reporting structure, software implementation, and it’s all coming together and working together.

  • Kelsey – Systematic approaches that remove the variable thinking. It free’s up your brain to use that creative energy and push forward in other areas.

  • Kelsey – Knowledge through the failures, especially with Dorai. Every bad thing is not a waste, you re-shape to ask what you can learn from that. The work is yours, and it’s more purpose driven.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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