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Episode 81


Marketing Fun

Show Notes

07/24/2018  | 62 Minutes

Francisco Terreros – Chief Marketing Officer and FIFA Player Agent for SBX Group. “Cisco” represents professional footballers on and off the field, be it contracts, endorsements, and career growth. He also represents the American Dream, a son of Colombian immigrant parents experiencing true culture shock coming to Utah. He’s always thinking of the end goal, and finding ways to have fun in every single aspect of his yellow personality life.


  • Art. Or basically, anything that involves a creative mind – music, fashion, visual arts. When people are creative enough to think outside the box and put it out in the world.

  • Soccer and Entrepreneurial Mindset. He grew up playing soccer and grew up knowing he’d own his own business, he just needed a way to combine the two.

  • Having Fun. Cisco’s life is defined by having fun – he joined an adult, full contact Lacrosse Team with no prior experience. Seeing he’s the worst on the field motivates him to run faster and try harder instead of feeling humiliated. He makes it fun.

  • On the thread of having fun, Cisco goes all in. Full Contact Lacrosse, Michael Phelps-esque swimming. He’s a Yellow Type personality, and we dive into this one.


  • Not getting what he wants. Yellows are known to be self-centered to a fault. Cisco’s striving to collect a dozen vintage cars during his life. And he’s going to get what he wants.

  • Too stubborn to take a “no” for an answer. A personal tick off about himself, even though “no’s” are motivating for him.


  • The runaround. Cisco views dealing with athletes and contracts as this relationship. This “dating” scenario. Don’t just be nice, if you’re not interested, just tell us. Don’t give us the runaround, girl.


  • His past. Cisco doesn’t want to be perceived as “the illegal immigrant,” he wants to be remembered as one who came here and achieved the American Dream.

  • Becoming the best soccer agent in the US. Someone to chase.

  • House analogy - this is so cool! He’s got a foundation, where he came from. What started him. But his future is his curb appeal. That’s his story, his stamp, what he’s chasing.

  • Here it is again, Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor, Man to Chase Speech.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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