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Episode 77


Fell Flag Redesign

Show Notes

06/29/2018  | 8 Minutes

Scandinavian-Inspired design shop, Fell, has set out to redesign the Salt Lake City, UT city flag.

From Fell, quoting Roman Mars (Host of 99 Percent Invisible design podcast): 

"We are proud to call Salt Lake City home. But we are not proud to call its official city flag, ours. Unfortunately, our city's flag is sorely lacking. A city's flag will become not just a symbol of that city as a place but also it could become a symbol of how that city considers design itself. The best part about municipal flags is that we own them. They are an open-source, publicly-owned design language of the community. And when they are done well, they are re-mixable, adaptable, and they are powerful. We can control the branding and graphical imagery of our cities with a good flag but instead, by having bad flags we don't use, we seed that territory to sports teams and chambers of commerce and tourism boards. Sports teams can leave and break our hearts, and tourism campaigns can be super cheesy, but a great city flag is something that represents a city to its people, and its people to the world at large. And when that flag is a beautiful thing, that connection is a beautiful thing." 

3 Things to do:

  1. Listen to this TED Talk about city flags by Roman Mars, and the fell show notes page.

  2. Follow this initiative on Instagram: @slcflag

  3. Check out Fell's blog post for the story of this initiative and sign the petition.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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