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Episode 73


Tell Your Story

Show Notes

06/12/2018  | 57 Minutes

Morgan Jones – a journalist, blogger, story-teller, and young single woman. A native of North Carolina and foodie of all things NOT southern, Morgan manages the Faith content at Deseret News and thrives on belief. Believing in something, and holding on to that while hearing other’s stories of life helps her connect with you. She connects with herself through amateur yoga. Keep your headlines honest, and your hair out of her food!


  • Energy from other people in her life - it’s taken her a minute to find her “tribe,” but those are they who believe in something, who are passionate, who have stories to tell.

  • When meeting someone, the rush she gets when she has one to two minutes to connect with someone and establish trust.

  • Yoga – She describes herself as “the least flexible person on the planet” but she’s found an ability to pause from her competitive lifestyle and relax in something she doesn’t feel as comfortable doing.

  • Learning and Progressing – through books, quotes, self-help, yoga, “Heaven is Here” by Stephanie Nielson (amazon) (youtube), “I am a Mother” by Jane Clayson Johnson (amazon).

  • Being a Foodie, but not when it comes to southern style cooking…she had a college roommate who was an incredibly good cook who opened her eyes to the spices of life.


  • Hair in food. We don’t need to talk a lot about this. It's just gross, especially when you’re at a restaurant and it’s not yours.

  • Flakey People – Maybe we can all get behind this one, a true unifying tick off. When you try so hard to be on time and keep commitments and others in your life don’t reciprocate that courtesy, it gets frustrating.

  • When people aren’t with you 100%. They’re with you, but not really with you. “Be with who you’re with!” - Morgan’s mom.


  • Unrealistic turnaround times, which happen more often than you’d think. Digital deadlines are different than print deadlines, and learning to write in both spaces is tricky.

  • When stories have headlines as click-bait. You wrote it just for the click, just for the statistic.

  • Bad ethics in writing and journalism. Plagiarism justified to attract audiences. Story integrity in headlines.  


  • Storytelling. Everyone has a story and it’s only yours to tell. It’s the way we connect on a deeper level with others and build relationships.

  • Statistics in digital media tell a lot about your audience, and for someone who’s competitive, she’s always trying to outdo herself.

  • Strengths Finder Test – her top strength was about belief, and the next four all dealt with people.

  • Different perspectives bring benefit and insight to life. We’re so caught up lately in what makes us different, that we forget we have unifying qualities.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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