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Episode 72


Summer Time

Show Notes

06/05/2018  | 60 Minutes

This week’s guests: Ben and Lib – we take a break from our regular routine and expound on the why we hate and love the warmest season of all: summer. Let’s make things clear - Ben loooves summer and Lib sees the duality of the season. So take some time off, kick back with us and sip on some lemonade as we talk about our ticks and tick-offs of the dog days.


  • Since Will Smith is the GOAT, this is a tick: Because of this and this.

  • Trips - Road trips, lake, cabins and vacations. It’s the perfect time to get away!

  • Food - BBQ’s, smores, hot dogs snow cones. Everywhere. There is nothing better than this.

  • Summer only foods - s'mores Oreos, Red White and Dew…all good things of summer.

  • Bonfires - gather the family, hang out and eat some of the food mentioned above.

  • Summers in college - you have complete freedom to do whatever you want as long as you want. You just don’t have the money.

  • Real Salt Lake matches. If you haven’t gone to a night match, do it. They are the best.

  • The FIFA World Cup - we will be waking up at 2 am to watch these games!

  • The heat. This is a Ben tick because he gets cold easily.

  • Blockbuster movies - There is something to look forward to and stay cool during those hot days!

  • More daylight - more time for more activities!


  • Crowds. Everything and everywhere is busy. Is it because school is out and everyone is on trips?

  • Summers as a professional - you have no time and limited freedom…but you at least have the money to do things.

  • Sports. Sorry, but we can’t watch baseball games all summer.

  • The heat. This is a Lib tick-off because he had enough heat growing up in Arizona.

  • Summer bods and/or farmer tans.

  • Blockbuster movies - why are there only 2 movies playing all summer long?!

  • More daylight - 9:30 pm sunsets don’t help our sleeping patterns.

  • Summer love -It’s nice if you find it but there always the expectation that you gotta find.

  • Wedding season - no offense to anyone but there are SO MANY weddings.

  • Preschool graduation posts. When did pre-k graduations become a thing?!


Episode transcript coming soon.

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