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Episode 70


Relatable & Interesting

Show Notes

05/22/2018  | 73 Minutes

This week’s guest: Kristopher Orr – and when all is said and done, he’s a Ticked person. He’s managed hotel bars, been a professional photographer, a barber apprentice in Wales, a nanny in Paris, a laundry deliveryman in New York…he’s a friend who we’ve coined as “The World’s Most Interesting Man.” Kristopher claims he’s just relatable and caring. We’ll let you, our listeners, decide. And listen through to the end of the episode where Lib and Ben announce the winner to our social share contest!


  • Relationships - keeping them going, being present, continually visiting and catching up with the people he’s met through all of his different facets in life.

  • Kristopher’s an introverted extrovert. He will often step back and watch the vibe or feel of the group, making sure everyone is having a good time, then he’ll jump in and contribute.

  • Being the “Event Guide” – he’s a connected person, knows the right people in the right places, and makes these events memorable for those involved.

  • He wants to make memories, moments, get-togethers that are more rich and deep, not just surface level…we get surface level from our phones. Make ‘em feel comfortable, then make it memorable.

  • Meditation - he’s gone on retreats of intense personal meditation, and he’s learning how to observe himself in situations and make the quality of the experience more rich.


  • Apps. Specifically the Apple Podcast App, but apps in general. Apple really has cornered the podcast app space, and for owning so much of the market, the app is lagging.

  • Design and Technology - is it really progressing as fast as we want it to? Are we all screwed because we’ve signed on to the Apple Ecosystem? Tom Toms were wicked. They worked! Does “Maps” work as well?


  • “Locked Into a System” mentality. People saying “I wish I could have done that…” but then they don’t change anything about their situation.

  • Living in a comment-thread world where we’ve stopped listening to each other. Everyone is so determined to only share their opinion, their argument, when what we really need is empathetic listening.


  • Massive Collaborative Efforts - attending the symphony, movie sets and production, ER and life-saving situations, the Space Race. Everyone wants to be relied upon, everyone wants a role.

  • Kristopher mentions the lyrics to a Fleet Foxes song: Helplessness Blues

  • Creating a fraternal environment for men. Kristopher is starting a barber shop in Canada, and a podcast to go along with it. It’s all in the works currently, but we’ll keep you updated on when it’s live.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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