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Episode 67


Littlest Sidekick Outfitters

Show Notes

05/01/2018 | 40 Minutes

This week’s guest: Shannon Vistisen – a mom, graphic designer, and freelancer (including non-profit work) who’s starting her own outdoor apparel company for kids. She’s driven. Driven to see results and investing in the process to make those results happen. Step aside complainers, Shannon’s creating a thread trail of success we could all get behind.


  • First out-of-state interview.

  • First guest to contact us and appear on the show (we usually scout out our guests and beg them to come on).

  • First skype interview for Lib and Ben.

Shannon is setting out to start her own clothing company that designs new clothing, and eventually re-sells gently-used clothing, for the adventurous, outdoor kid. And there’s an interactive spin to this company, in the name of Thread Trails. Each garment sold by Littlest Sidekick Outfitters comes with a code embedded on the tag. Enter that code on their website to find what adventures that piece of clothing has been on. It’s ‘Rent the Runway’ meets Geocaching.


  • Learning from the people who’ve “made it.” Those entrepreneurs who get out there, create, and execute on their dreams.

  • Enjoying the process and seeing things come together - it falls together like a puzzle, and testing which pieces fit where and in what order.

  • Self-teaching. Shannon didn’t know everything needed to start this business, so she started taking online courses and asking mentors and conducting her own research. She’s driven.

  • Collaborations. Being able to meet and work with other people that are doing the same exact thing she’s doing. She cold-calls, sends emails, and just reaches out in the dark to make those connections.

  • Creative problem solving. Shannon shares an example of not knowing anything about web design, and learning everything she needed to know for her website.


  • Complainers. Someone will complain about their current situation in life but don't do anything about it to change it. Things don't just change for the sake of change. Life isn’t going to change for you if you don’t do anything.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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