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Episode 65



Show Notes

04/17/2018  |  60 Minutes

We kick back, relax with a Maverik Coke and Red Bull, and talk about a few business items before delving into our ticks and ticks offs around restaurants. Most importantly, a huge Thank You to all of you listeners, for loving the show, providing your feedback, and allowing us to create something week in and week out that we absolutely love doing. You make us tick!


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Fast Food: These are the chain restaurants that pop up all over the country with a drive up window.

  • Ben’s Tick and Tick Off: Drive Thru scripts between McDonald’s and Chic-Fil-A.

  • Ben’s Tick Off: Accuracy.

  • Lib’s Tick Off: Customers who don’t understand that not all franchises of fast foods run the exact same menu.

  • Lib and Ben’s Tick: Dependability. You know exactly how it’s going to taste.  


Fast Casual: These restaurants are more region-specific, with in-person ordering and no wait staff.

  • Lib’s Tick: That these are region-specific. SF Burger story, unique to the region, and taste of the local specialty.

  • Ben’s Tick: This atmosphere is perfect for meet-ups, be those dates, networking lunches, or meeting with an old friend.

  • Ben and Lib’s Tick Off: THE LINE. Don’t get us started…They try to start us too early, you have to repeat yourself too many times, and they mix up the order of the food with so many people being pushed through the line.


Table Service: These restaurants are for special occasions, a night out, with a wait staff.

  • Ben’s Tick Off: When waiters blame the kitchen

  • Ben and LIb’s Tick Off: Patrons are too quick to take their poor dining experience out on the wait staff, even if the wait staff aren’t to blame.

  • Lib’s Tick and Tick Off: When the wait staff sits down at your table while working, and tries to be buddy buddy with your group. Don’t over-sell yourself, kid.

  • Ben and Lib’s Tick: Special Occasions, reservations required. Stress to pick the right restaurant if you’re in charge. And stress to pick the right meal, you want to be the one in the party that has the best-looking meal.

  • Lib’s Tick Off: Don’t share your food. If you wanted cheesy fries, you should have ordered cheesy fries.


All in all, you get what you pay for.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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