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Episode 60


Keepin' it Profesh

Show Notes

03/13/2018  |  57 Minutes

This week’s guest: Lib and Ben – And we’re keeping it professional. Listen to a round-robin style podcast where we cover our working upbringing, events and decisions that led us to the jobs we currently have, and cover our ticks and tick offs around professional life.


Lib was recently hired as the Art Director for a marketing agency, sharpening his tool box in video production, audio design, graphic design, email marketing, etc. at an agency level.


Ben works for a training company designing all of the training materials, and some marketing materials, for the facilitators that visit client headquarters and teach classes as part of a company’s learning and development.


  • Lib – Freedom. With the route he’s chosen, Lib has the ability to chose what he wants to do, where he wants to take his design skillz.

  • Ben – Opening eyes with the possibility of design. And good design.

  • Lib – Helping others. His career and passion one day will help others. This is what drives him.

  • Ben – Design is a doorway to learning so many more programs and skills. Once you learn more, your curiosity is peaked to learn more.


  • Lib – Complacency. Sometimes we get in our own way.

  • Ben – Putting himself in a pigeon hole. Getting too narrowly focused in his designs, or the projects he takes on.

  • Lib – Friction in employer and employee relationships.

  • Ben – Different work expectations between leading baby boomers and rookie millennials, then throw creatives in there…


  • Don’t expect a raise or a position increase within the first 6 months of employment at a new company, millennials!

  • Instead of walking away from a company because of a problem, strive to become a part of the solution. Stay with the company, see it through.

  • Internalize the ticks, don’t let the tick offs be deal breakers.

  • Create a mission, vision, and values statement not only for your company, but for yourself as an employee, and focus on that as you align your aspirations with a company.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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