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Episode 57


Life Outdoors

Show Notes

02/20/2018 |  52 Minutes

This week’s guest: Mike Schmidt, an outdoor enthusiast and advocate who markets products to those who live life on the move. He’s a “Swiss army knife” when it comes to guiding people on outdoor adventures to help eliminate the intimidating factor that outdoor marketing can sometimes place on us. A word or warning: If you do sign up for an adventure with this guide, don’t flake out on him last minute, or he’ll be left without his Cheetos –which was your assignment.

Ben and Lib are amped to have Mike Schmidt on the show! Lib and Mike go way back, and as long as Ben has been friends with Lib, he’s heard of the infamous Mike Schmidt. He’s an outdoor enthusiast and a marketer for Nomatic, not to mention a part-time model.  


  • Passionate People - Finding out what people do, discovering what makes them tick. There’s inspiration in learning from others’ experiences. And truthfully, this falls in line with exactly what Ticked Podcast is trying to do.

  • The Experience of Discovery, especially in the outdoors. Returning the the same place in different seasons offers change and new perspectives in colors, wildlife, and experiences. Mike could be considered the adventure guide to Salt Lake hiking, biking, rock climbing, and canyoneering.

  • Connecting with people in different experiences, surprisingly outdoors. Everyone has their own talents, and moves at their own pace, and it makes every experience unique. And when you’re together rock climbing, you’re no greater than the person in front of you, and no less than the person beside you.

  • “Wasatch Wednesdays” – a facebook group Mike has helped organize and grow to dedicate locals to get outside and go hiking. The marketing world paints an extreme view of the outdoors where Ben has felt intimidated, and this group helps portray those outdoor adventures that anyone, at any level, can participate in.

  • Photography side project, “We of the Wasatch” – where Mike’s able to tell the story of those participating in these weekly hikes, helping make the outdoors less intimidating for the rest of us.

  • University of Utah, and anything that has to do with the Runnin’ Utes.


  • Flakey and non-committal people. These pesky habits really come into play when planning adventures and trips in the outdoors. So many moving parts, and you gotta rely on all contributors. “You’re all in, or you’re in the way.” – quote from Coach Whitt.

  • FOMO – we all have a little bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but some people take this to new heights and have to literally show up at 3 or 4 parties in one night to be a part of all the action.


  • Interruptions – We creatives need our dedicated time to dial into a creative sequence. Many times, in an office environment, we can’t have that dedicated time to accomplish that creative work.

  • Tardiness – goes back to the flakey and non-committal people. Tardiness in the workplace puts out a vibe where others may start to question dependability. Mike’s the most ticked off when he does it himself.


  • Collaborating with creative people at work with side hustles and the synergy that comes from that. Bringing different skills to the table and benefiting from that.

  • Providing Value and Asking Why – Mike feeds off the process of exploration at work. Why do I do what I do? Help me see the benefit and the value this brings to the company.

  • Doing things with Intention and Purpose, helping people live life on the move.

  • Asking himself, “How am I providing value to myself, and those around me?”



Episode transcript coming soon.

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