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Episode 56


Punting Spreadsheets

Show Notes

02/13/2018  |  52 Minutes

Jonny Lineman – a New Zealand native and self-proclaimed NCMO king who took a chance on friendly advice to come to the US and play rugby, and eventually football, for BYU. He started as a Rugby Fly-Half winning 3 NCAA National Championships (one of which was his game-winning dropkick), then walked-on to punting, appearing twice on the Ray Guy national watch list. He’s funny by nature, serious about his financial spreadsheets, and ticked off around flaky and dumb complainers. 


  • Competition – Jonny’s competitive by nature, has been since birth, finds a way to compete in everything and hates to lose

  • Comparison – but, in a good way. Jonny will compare his achievements to others around him and use that as fuel to punch above his weight

  • Perspective – taught from a young age to keep his head on straight. He realizes he’s probably not going to make his millions playing football professionally so he pursued a finance degree from a top-rated program, making the most of his college experience in the US.


  • Losing – the other side of the coin from his personal ticks

  • Flaky People, and sometimes he himself can be that flaky person, not skyping home as regularly as his mum would like him to. But when people say they’ll do something or be somewhere and then cop-out text at the last minute, it gets under his skin.

  • Ungrateful time-takers. Jonny’s a busy guy, and he’ll make time for you if you’re grateful or a near friend. Don’t be hitting him up though for your self-serving reasons, for his popularity, or for his verified status on twitter.


  • Thinking there’s not enough time in the day to get done what he needs to get done. Step up people! Become a master of your mind, and a master of your day. Stop complaining about running out of time when earlier you were sitting on the couch playing video games.

  • Seeing people make dumb decisions with their money. Many people spend their money on meaningless stuff, and then complain when they aren’t able to pay the necessary bills. Jonny feels like we’ve all been given enough to succeed, whether its money or knowledge, so just be smart and mature and quit complaining.


  • Preparing for NFL Pro Day and relying on his competitive nature to get a look from the scouts. He just wants a chance to prove himself.

  • He wants to be remembered. And Jonny raps some Macklemore lyrics, “I heard you die twice. Once when they bury you in the grave and the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name.”

  • Jonny strives to impact other people’s lives for good. He’s left his Direct Message on Twitter completely open to the public in hope to be there for someone when they need him the most.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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