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Episode 55


Jonny Linehan

Show Notes

02/09/2018 | 17 Minutes

Jonny Linehan (next week's guest) joins Dalton and Lib in the studio to share a behind-the-scenes story. Dalton met Jonny several years back while they were both serving LDS missions in Adelaide Australia. Jonny trained Dalton, leaving an impression on him that has stuck over the years. 

While we had Jonny in the studio, we were dying to ask all the questions about rugby, football, and punting – the good and the bad of playing for one of Utah's most-watched teams, BYU. Jonny has played under the microscope on nationally televised games, succeeding at times, and utterly failing at times. He lets us in on the play call, the situation on the field, and the outcome.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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