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Episode 49


Never Stop Starting

Show Notes

01/09/2018  |  63 Minutes

And we’re back! Welcome to season 2! Ben and Lib take a break from the standard template, sip on their Maverik drinks, and talk about our ticks and tick offs for the coming year. 2018 is going to offer amazing athletic feats, and out-of-country events that will have all single (and married) girls swooning. It’s being dubbed as “The Year of Women,” so let’s raise a Maverik Coke, and take 2018 by storm! Never Stop Starting, and Stay Ticked.

LIb and Ben talk about what had them ticking during the holiday break. Ben "themed" his gifts and Lib spent time with his family at the movies. #LibMayHaveCried. On the other hand, Lib's family was sick over the holidays, and Ben really needed some quiet time from all the energetic nieces and nephews. 


  • Sporting Events: The XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, FIFA World Cup, New NWSL team in Salt Lake City – The Utah Royals FC.

  • CNN is calling 2018: The Year for Women. #YouGoGurl.

  • Lib's doing a year-long creative project with his wife. 10 trips folks. Check out that vlog!

  • Ben breaks down his New Year's Resolutions into a theme (Be Well) and 4 buckets (Physical, Social, Mental, Intellectual).


  • The Royal Wedding. Harry and Megan. And crazy headlines that don't pertain to U.S. Come join our watch party!

  • All of the comic book movies coming out in 2018. Where's the originality? 

  • "August" – we all start out the year so excited, and then, we hit that August benchmark.

  • New Year's Resolutions – we all make goals, and then we all seem to lose it. We wait until the end of the year to start over again. Let's not wait to start. Start that diet on a Tuesday! 

Stay young. Stay scrappy. Stay hungry. Stay ticked!


Episode transcript coming soon.

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