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Episode 46


Unsafe & Uncomfortable

Show Notes

12/05/2017  |  47 Minutes

This week’s guest: Megan Langford – Director of Partner Marketing for TEEM, mother, fitness instructor and donut lover. As she’s grown (personally & professionally), she’s learned to divert from the safe and comfortable path to find her own greatness! She struggles with “imposter syndrome” but loves helping others overcome it. And side note, make sure you don’t deflect her questions!


  • Accomplishing something she never thought she could by recognizing and pushing through that doubtful pit in her stomach.

  • Push past those limits that we put on ourselves to achieve true greatness. “I used to stake the safe and comfortable path, but that is not where greatness comes from!”

  • Try things just for the sake of trying them, who cares if you fail? Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat. #lifemantra. Failure is not the end of your story. Find your greatness by doing things you’ve never done before.


  • Chronic ignorers and deflectors. Just be honest people! If you don’t know the answer, say “I don’t know.”

  • Internal tick off, she’s on her phone way too much.  When did Instagram become so addicting?


  • People who try to get ahead by sabotaging others. Hello, jerk of the office. We all know that person in the office who seems to purposefully withhold information to get ahead of others. The amount of energy one wastes in trying to pull others down could move mountains in building up others and their organizations. 

  • The workplace mentality of “we’ve always done it this way, why would we do it differently?”


  • Battling her own “imposter syndrome” - that feeling of, “I’m the dumbest person here, when are they going to realize I really shouldn’t be here, I’m not that smart.” We put too much pressure on ourselves to perform at high capacity from day 1. 

  • You’re not supposed to know it all. It’s your job to figure it out. Leverage your resources and team. Get work done.

  • Helping others overcome their own negative self talk. It’s not rocket science. Except for those working at NASA. 

  • Helping colleagues and friends find greatness in the little things they’ve done along the way.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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