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Episode 45


Mental Toughness

Show Notes

11/28/2017  |  48 Minutes

This week’s guest: Michael Langford – a seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City who’s passionate about skiing, ultra marathons, rock climbing...basically anything that presents a physical and mental challenge. Believe me, he’s tested mentally everyday at the office, and balances that out through physical toughness tests nearly every weekend.


  • Most motivated by physical or mental challenges: climbing mountains, long-distance running, jury trials, backcountry skiing on Mount Rainier

  • He relies on his friends to motivate him and push him through these challenges. In a literal sense - they are a part of his crew and they’re working at this health stations as he competes. Sharing those tough emotional moments with his friends though has been incredibly rewarding.

  • Continually striving to be mentally tough – it’s a trait that all strong marathon runners, mountaineers, and trial lawyers have in common, one that he admires fervently.


  • Arrogant and Inhumane People – Upon meeting someone for the first time and they immediately go off about how great they are.

  • People who are rude to those working in the service industry or support staff – there’s arrogance when someone yells at another person over something for which they have no control. And that particularly shows up in the services industry.

  • People who are not direct with their communication – just cut to the chase, people! In criminal trial, identify the problem, and more importantly identify how you’re going to solve it. Michael shares a best practice in his closing arguments.


  • The “trash talk” or gossip trails that pass between lawyers – Michael mentions a few lawyers by name who are authentic and have a reputation for being there for the client, no one else.


  • He’s his best motivator and his worst critic – realize you make mistakes, but more importantly think on how you can move forward from those mistakes.



Episode transcript coming soon.

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