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Episode 40


Halloween Special

Show Notes

10/31/2017  |  52 Minutes

Ben and Lib take a break from the standard guest template to celebrate one of Lib’s least favorite holidays: Halloween (please don’t judge him). A few scary stories are told and these are a must-listen, full of special sound effects…until they realize they aren’t very good. We then learn why this holiday is such a double edge sword, full of Ticks and Tick Offs.



Ben grew up singing Phantom of the Opera. At one point in the story, the Phantom appears to Christine Daaé in a song that Ben (younger, higher pitched voice, Ben) would sing. That scene frightened young Ben as he feared that the Phantom would be lurking around any corner. Within a few years, Ben's fear for the Phantom disappeared. However, a music box featured in the story would pop up later in life and haunt him when a friend introduced Ben to a lesser-known Michael Jackson song, “Little Susie." The King of Pop was NOT very poppy in this song and the combination of a dark choir, a little child's footsteps and a music box brought back all of those Phantom memories from the past!


Lib describes his childhood home which was an open-concept home in the Phoenix suburbs. He loved growing up in that house but about a year ago learned of some supernatural events that occurred in this lovely childhood home! Story #1 involves his younger brother using the bathroom early in the morning and seeing his dad getting ready to go on his run…except, he never went on a run that morning. Story #2 is part paranormal activity and part Lib’s niece possibly seeing a ghost…


  • Exclusive to groups (that Lib or Ben don't belong to)

  • Single Person costume ideas – You're always explaining your case and never feel complete

  • Costumes are expensive and time consuming

  • There’s no option (You are expected to celebrate Halloween)

  • One Day!!!

  • Slutty Costumes


  • So many parties!

  • Perfect Fall Holiday

  • Creativity everywhere (costumes, food, decorations)

  • Unofficial Start of the Holiday Season

  • If you celebrate it, own it (2018 Ticked Halloween Party? Dress up as a tick off)

  • #DadLib

  • Favorite Halloween Costume (Spoiler: Ben’s costume was way better)


Episode transcript coming soon.

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