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Episode 39


RSL Tailgaters

Show Notes

10/24/2017  |  40 Minutes

Decision Day. Soccer Fans. Burgers and Beers. 

This week’s guest: RSL Tailgaters – those RioT’ers who stand up, #AsOne, and #Believe. Ben and Lib head out of the studio and visit fans on their turf. It’s MLS Decision Day where the top 6 teams in both conferences advance to the playoffs, and the other 4 are left watching from their flat-screens. RSL must face Sporting KC - and we’re not sure if it’s the players or the fans that hate this rivalry more.

Through our interviews, we found the following to either TICK or TICK OFF RSL Fans…


  • Soccer fans stay loyal to their city. If you move, you follow the new city team. And we stay until we die. 

  • Always improve. Strive to be better. And measure your results. 

  • The moment you experience a soccer game in person - feeling the excitement, the atmosphere, the unanimous chanting from fans, you’re hooked.

  • The crowning event of a good plan falling into place. This was a tough season, and there were many competing elements to get us down as fans. But we see these new elements clicking together and falling into place and that keeps us coming back.

  • Soccer is romantic. Its God’s Sport. (*This opinion is stated by a fan and does not reflect the official stance of Ticked Podcast or any of its hosts).

  • There’s a family feel among fans at Rio Tinto Stadium. But let’s keep it like that. Come and support, and bring your friends.


  • At times, fans can be too aggressive in their passion. Fighting shouldn’t happen. We’re all RSL family. 

  • Be in your seat, singing the RSL Believe Anthem, and then go to concessions and grab that taco. 

  • Poor officiating. And the MLS introduced Video Review this year. But sometimes Refs still get it wrong. 

  • Regardless of the result – Win, Loss, or Tie – a lack of effort from these professional athletes gets under our skin. We’re here as fans, did you decide to show up as a player?

  • Don’t be a fair-weathered fan. Be #RSLTID. Overcoming our challenges is what has defined this club. Stand #AsOne and #Believe.

  • Sporting Kansas City and Benny Feilhaber



Episode transcript coming soon.

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