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Episode 35


Flights From Home

Show Notes

9/26/2017  |  56 Minutes

This week’s guest: Emily Holt – an instagrammer and attorney who hooks up thousands of people with cheap flights, including her growing family. As an attorney, disclaimers make her tick and getting her credibility questioned ticks her off. Keep in mind, this kind-hearted go-getter is still flying by the seat of her pants as she navigates the ins and outs of social posting.


  • Providing for her family. She’s a working momma, Attorney and Popular Instagram Host

  • Finding those cheap flights, planning unexpectedly, and taking her family on an experience of a lifetime.

  • Having a lot to do, and getting a lot done. A symbiotic relationship that revolves around prioritizing.


  • Time-Wasters: [cue] flat tires and Jiffy Lube oil changes.


  • Social media trollers and haters. Her information is free people. Don’t get all worked up if you miss out or if her information doesn’t apply to you 100%.

  • Expiring fares or challenging customer hiccups that, although unrelated, lead to users questioning her credibility. 


  • Receiving a sincere “Thank You” from a complete stranger that was able to afford an experience.

  • Emily shares her best practices in captioning her posts. Ben can’t get over it.

  • Disclaimers. Prepare for the worst and be up front.


  • Looking to score a cheap flight: Be flexible in dates and location. Be willing to change last minute - it’s good to have a list of potential locations and dates and find what works best at that time for you. 

  • Travel during the off-season, October and March. 

  • Deals go fast, within hours even. Organize the troops ahead of time, and know what works for your group in advance, and then monitor.

  • 24-hour full-refund cancelation window’s exist if you book directly with the airline. Use them. But [disclaimer] READ THEIR TERMS beforehand.

  • Use Google Flights ( but keep in mind that Southwest Airlines doesn't partner with Google Flights.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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