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Episode 34


Shift Your Thinking

Show Notes

9/19/2017  |  46 Minutes

This week’s guest: Russ Dixon – a photographer, videographer, and music producer who earned his street cred performing behind the mic and in front of the camera. His passionate life has been one milestone leading to another as he’s been recruited for nearly every career opportunity. And those links exist, when he shows up at his best and captures the stillness and beauty of the moment.

Ben has basically looked up to Russ ever since the former was in high school and the latter was serenading swooning college girls with his beautiful acoustic harmonies. Yes, Russ was in a band. But not a boy band. Well, they were all boys, in a band. But they played their own instruments, wrote their own songs, and didn’t have bleached hair or backwards, upside-down visors. So, not a boy band. 

Colors got their start in Kaysville, UT, where Russ and his two buddies went to high school. #GoDavisDarts! While attending Utah State University, Colors produced four records and toured the country, writing and singing about enjoying life and putting out a great vibe. But they all knew there’d come a day when they’d move on, and they did so with grace. 

Russ was quickly recruited to Salt Lake City to run the music division for the record label, Shadow Mountain. While in Salt Lake, he started dabbling more into photography and transitioned his career full time. Shortly thereafter, he was recruited again to Music City USA - Nashville – to produce and tour with Beyond 5.  Now, Russ finds himself living amidst Yoga Pants, Subarus and Pilots, and Rock Climbers in Boulder, CO - still shooting pictures, and adding film to his repertoire. 

Russ lives in the moment, strives to see the beauty in everything, and has shifted his thinking to now identify those little tick offs surrounding a situation and creating a positive spin. He captures people at their best, and shows up at his best to compliment that energy his subjects bring to the moment. And he’s learning to let his heart be the rudder, powered by creativity. 

In additional to all this, Russ is figuring out how to be still, and listen…..even as everyone around him centers their chi in Boulder, Colorado. It’s…glorious



Episode transcript coming soon.

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