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Episode 31


Dreams & Desires

Show Notes

08/29/2017 | 58 Minutes

Jeff Griffin is a A 4-time WMNBA All-Star and MVP and holder of 2 Guinness World Records who’s been pursuing his dreams his entire life, no matter how those dreams have evolved. 

As you listen, head over to his website for a free book. With your free book ordered, let’s resume. 

Jeff grew up in Logan and dreamed of playing football at BYU. His high school friends said, “You can’t.” Oh, those infamous words – You Can’t. They said Jeff was too small, too slow, and too white. Well, maybe the last one wasn’t quite as discouraging to play at BYU. 

But one day, Jeff got a letter with the classic BYU football helmet embroidered in the top right corner, right above LaVell Edwards name as the sending address. Soon, Jeff found himself talking with this Hall of Fame Coach where they agreed that for the immediate future, Jeff would play with the junior college affiliate, Ricks College, in Rexburg, Idaho. 

Jeff reported to training camp and realized his desires were challenged when he found himself assigned to the lineman’s locker room in-between two players that were twice his size. Remember, he was [almost] too small. Still white though. 

His dream remained clear: Play football on the big stage - LaVell Edwards Stadium, and Rexburg was the way to get there. His desires where challenged: Squaring up against the defensive line as a member of the practice squad instead of the starting wide receiver.

After suffering an accident during a summer job, his idea of a “big stage” had to change. His world, his dreams, his desires came crashing down all in one instant. 

What do you do? Who do you blame? He decided he could either stay down and be defeated, or he could stand up and keep pursuing his dream, because dreams can be clear but desires are tested. Faith and perseverance see you through. 

So you get up. You get out. And you get going. 

He still wanted to perform on the big stage. Instead of the destination being Provo, UT – it turned to Athens, Greece. Enter the 2004 Summer Olympics and Jeff participating in the parade of nations, representing his country in the Wheelchair Men’s Basketball tournament. 

Did we mention he’s affiliated with the Wheelin’ Jazz, a 4-Time WMNBA Most Valuable Player, and holds 2 Guinness World Records?

But that wasn’t enough. Jeff set his “Get Up. Get Out. Get Going” attitude on himself, literally. He set his sights to be able to walk again. 

And then, this happened. (Time Marker 38:50)

Jeff now sets all his goals in what he’s coined as “The future-past tense.” If you’re goals are always in the future, you’re always going to be trying to accomplish them. If you take them from the future, visualize yourself accomplishing them, they’ll become more of a reality. And that’s not something Doc Brown came up with. 

So, a call to action for our listeners: What goal do you hope to accomplish in the future that you want to re-write in the Future-Past Tense? Ben’s is this: In January 2018, he will have lost 80 pounds during the 2017 year. 

Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do has increased.”

Jeff persisted in performing on the big stage. And ya know what? the nature of the task didn’t change…




Episode transcript coming soon.

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