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Episode 30



Show Notes

08/22/2017  |  46 Minutes

"You're that Maverik Guy..."

This week’s guest: Nitro – that “Maverik Guy” who found his success by challenging the grey areas in-between rules and expectations. From convenient store clerk to store manager, Nitro’s ideas and anecdotes pushed his reputation to the Maverik Convenience Store front office. Seems his “never settle” mantra has helped him get quite far, with limitless new adventures down the road.

Past and current bosses have said of Nitro, "I don't have to worry about him, he just does it."

Nitro just...

  • Restored a ’73 Ford Bronco early on in college and found his first manager position at the local Napa, but sought after his next adventure in Utah when he no longer felt a challenge managing this store.

  • Started working for a Utah convenience store within 2 hours of interviewing – became store manager within 6 months, stayed there for 8 years.

  • Developed a social media strategy for the corporate offices, patterned after his own, blackberry-based viral video efforts which made his store the most frequented location.

  • Threw a Christmas party for his store employees when corporate cut out parties that year.

  • Created an obstacle course with Rockstar bikes, not breaking a single employee-handbook rule, this experience went viral. Thanks, Chunga.

  • Was offered to be the face of an up-and-coming marketing effort for a new brand. Maverik has now reached that “destination-store” status, when there’s so many convenience stores to chose from, they’re creating a loyal customer base devoted to a brand and not just a convenient factor.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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