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Episode 23



Show Notes

07/07/2017  |  48 Minutes

This week's guest: Lagooners. We take our studio on the road, and go to where Utahns have all heard, “It’s what FUN, is!” We’ll see about that. An original amusement park to Utah, Lagoon provides entertainment, thrills, babysitting, TerrOR Rides, people-watching, germ-infested handrails, and plenty of Ticks and Tick Offs. Let’s just hope Lib and Ben can sneak in their recording equipment before getting kicked out by the teenage security guards.

A very special thanks to those individuals who agreed to be interviewed by two approaching, but non-threatening, strangers at Lagoon. And to the ONE who didn't allow us to interview her, please start listening to podcasts. Your life will be much better. :)

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Episode transcript coming soon.

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