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Episode 22


Behind the Mic

Show Notes

06/27/2017  |  47 Minutes

Part PodBash owner, part Radio Ronin host, full-on Chunga offspring – Chandler Smith (DJ Spinari) is a local DJ and Podcast talent who’s played in clubs all over the world since he was 14, and most recently, having turned 21, was allowed to play in Utah. 

He creates on the fly, responding to the feel of the room, and has connected with Nitro Circus and the Ultra Music Festival. Spinari believes that music is the universal language that makes everyone happy. And it’s something that the world really needs right now. And he thinks he’s just crazy enough to change the world through his love of music, and here’s to the crazy ones, cause those who think they can, are the ones who do. He’s even got a tattoo about it.

SPINARI has a view of the world that is simply contagious. He’s been around the block, and has met some characters, but at the same time, is young enough and mature enough to believe in the positive. He loves life. He said so. And he has a tattoo to prove it. And the last thing he wants to do in life is to be normal – just, don’t compare him to Steve Buschemi.

So when you book him for your next Father-Son event, be sure to introduce him as DJ SPINARI, not Spumoni (an ice cream dessert served at the Old Spaghetti Factory). And follow him at the links below.


Episode transcript coming soon.

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