E06: Stoppage Time, Music Ticks

02/28/2017  |  50 Minutes

This week’s guest: Us – It’s our first “Stoppage Time” Episode where we deviate from the standard template and discuss what we normally don’t cover on guest episodes. We take a step back, sip on some drinks, and list out the music and the podcasts that make us tick.

Music and Podcast Ticks:

Music | Icelandia
Music | Bon Iver
Music | Taking Back Sunday - Slow Dance on the Inside
Podcast | Outside Podcast
Podcast | How I Built This

Music | One Republic
Music | The 1975
Music | Sia - Elastic Heart - Piano Version
Podcast | 99 Percent Invisible
Podcast | 20 Thousand Hertz

Music | Brand New
Music | Taking Back Sunday
Podcast | The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Podcast | Sports Law Biz